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Wesleyan DokuWiki

A place for collaboration. A place for keeping track of progress. A place for milestones, deliverables and inachievable ideas. A place for fun.

Why wiki?

To easily make documentation that's viewable on multiple computers, can be collaborated on, and is nicely structured.

Why dokuwiki

It said it was designed for documentation, the default theme looks pleasant enough, there's some nice syntax-highlighting for code, simple to install.

Some fun features include: footnoting1), syntax highlighting:

use Data::Dumper; 
my $message = "Hello World!";
print Dumper($message);

subscripts, superscripts, links to windows shares \\DRAGON\ITSData (only usable from IE), ways to delete inappropriate things said correct your mistakes, authentication against AD, access control lists based on groups/users, and, as is essential to any professional environment: smileys :-) :-D :-( LOL 2)

Why NOT dokuwiki?

It uses flat text files for the backend and lacks some sophisticated features. Even the creator recommends keeping doku in an intranet setting, since that's what it was designed for. One possibility for an alternative wiki for is; it is the engine that runs on so it's been shown to scale well.

Using dokuwiki

Right, only people who have logged in can edit pages. Just click on login, and use your single sign on password. Click on edit page and remember that pages are created dynamically so that if you make an internal link to [[its:tennis]] and click on it, you can build a new page. The first name before the colon is a namespace and is mostly used for organization, and not strictly necessary. Otherwise, just take a look at the syntax, remember that Table of Contents are made from headers are automatically, and feel free to edit any of my pages to see how I did it. More actual documentation is at

You can use index and recent changes to navigate around..

This is a footnote
To be fair the FIXME smiley is actually useful.
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