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Academic UNIX Support Specialist

James (13-June-06) Below you will find the revised job description for the Academic UNIX position. The main changes include an upward adjustment of salary, a reordering of duties to bring cluster support to the top, a simplified description of UNIX maintenance duties, and some revisions of preferred skills to include mail support in lieu of database support. Feel to propose changes to the JD and/or make any notes here.

James (19-June-06) At Jolee's suggestion, I have moved the HPC experience qualification from the minimum to desired category. Also added participation in on-call rotation to responsibilities.

James and Matt (23-June-06) Deleted C/C++ reference, revised scripting and shell requirements.

Job Description

JOB TITLE: Academic UNIX Support Specialist

DEPARTMENT: Information Technology Services


RANGE: $45,000 - $55,000

TYPICAL DUTIES: Reporting to the Assistant Director of Technology Support Services with management support from the Manager of Academic Computing for Natural Sciences and Mathematics, the Academic UNIX Support Specialist will provide systems support to the user community.

Responsibilities include:

  • Install, update, operate, debug and maintain a centralized high performance research Linux computing cluster;
  • Provide system administration support to faculty research UNIX systems, application/hardware installation, maintenance, and development;
  • Provide system administration support to ITS UNIX systems, including including application/hardware installation, maintenance, and development;
  • Install, update, and maintain a Linux systems teaching laboratory;
  • Participate in periodic emergency on-call rotation;
  • Partner with other members of Technical Support Services and Academic Computing Services to coordinate technologies and share knowledge;
  • Provide leadership for the campus UNIX Users Group.

MINIMUM DESIRED QUALIFICATIONS: Bachelor's degree and two years experience with Unix system administration, or an equivalent combination of education and related work experience. Proven proficiency with UNIX (particularly Linux, but also including Solaris and OS X) system administration and network security. Demonstrated proficiency with diagnostic tools such as truss and strace, knowledge of common shells such as bash and tcsh, knowledge of scripting tools including sed, awk, and PERL, and ability to work with open source software solutions. Proven ability to independently solve problems.

PREFERRED QUALIFICATIONS: Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or a related field. Demonstrated experience running HPC clusters (including knowledge of cluster management systems such as openMosix and scyld) and working with distributed programming APIs such as MPI. Prior experience in a university setting including proven experience in research support. Demonstrated knowledge of electronic mail applications and protocols such as sendmail, IMAP, POP, Cyrus, etc.

COMPETENCIES: Interpersonal skills, functional/technical skills, written and oral communication, presentation skills, teamwork/collaboration, problem solving, peer relationships.

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