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business_continuity_plan:chapter3_1_3_3 Faculty and Staff Housing Unit Emergency Action Plan and Evacuation Plans

A generic Emergency Action Plan associated with faculty and staff wood frame housing units is attached for reference in emergency situations. This plan is provided to faculty and staff members and their families with lease renewals on an annual basis. Emergency Action Plans specific to each faculty and staff wood frame housing unit are provided on a CD included with this report.

Wesleyan University Emergency Action Plan For Faculty and Staff Wood Frame Housing Units

Emergency Procedures

In the event that you:

  1. Discover a fire, chemical spill or other emergency;
  2. Smell smoke or the odor of burning or abnormally hot material; or
  3. Hear that a smoke alarm is sounded.

You shall:

  1. Verbally warn others in the area.
  2. Evacuate the building through the nearest exit.
  3. If you discovered the fire or other emergency; notify Public Safety immediately at 911 and provide information as to the location; type of emergency; known hazards, injuries or severe concerns and your name.
  4. Assemble at the pre-determined meeting point across the street and account for all individuals known to be in the building, if individuals cannot be accounted for, the Emergency Responders are to be informed immediately.
  5. Brief the Emergency Responders of concerns upon their arrival.
  6. Remain outside the building until it has been cleared by authorities.

Emergency Equipment Provided

The following pieces of emergency equipment are provided each housing unit:

Smoke Detectors: These units are local alarms only and do not alert authorities in the event of an emergency. Residents of each housing unit are required to call Public Safety at 911 from a safe place. Do not damage these units or disable these units by placing items over the smoke detector.

Fire Extinguishers: A,B,C type fire extinguishers are provided in each housing unit near high hazard areas. These units can extinguish combustible, flammable liquid and electrical fires.

Use of Emergency Equipment Although it is the policy to evacuate the building in the event of a fire or other emergency, circumstances may indicate that the use of a fire extinguisher may be beneficial. Immediately evacuate and notify Public Safety once the unit has been expended.

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