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  • Implementation
  • add usrquota,grpquota options to fstab, remount
  • log everybody out or reboot (quota error on boot, not initialized yet)
  • quotaoff
  • quotacheck -cvug /home (file system goes read only! 10TB of whcih 6TB used, took 3 hours)
  • set default user quota and propagate to all users
  • set custom quotas for other users
  • wrap adduser
  • quotaon
  • group quota numbers do not add up !?
  • Array
  • 48 TB minus 4 global spares
  • after formatting 36 TB available
  • /home 10, /snapshots 10, /sanscratch 5 after that leaves 11 TB
  • snapshots holds base plus deltas hence needs to be somewhere between 1-2x base
  • so if we wanted to increase home, we could not use sanscratch (is anybody using it?)
  • if we do not backup, then … questions for later


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