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 **[[cluster:​0|Back]]** **[[cluster:​0|Back]]**
-The process ​of migrating off Flexstorage to the new Rstore ​platform. + 
-This is not a storage policy document but information could be gleaned from it.+==== RSTORE Update ==== 
 +The rstore0/2 access points will go into read only mode early 2019. These access points will be replace by a similar but new platform rstore4/​6. ​ Each share owner will be contacted and content will be copied if needed (we have two copies ​of everything on the old platform so hopefully most of it can remain there). ​ The new platform ​is 2x220 TB fully backed with an rsync replication engine
 + --- //​[[|Henk]] 2019/04/11 09:07//
 ==== RSTORE FAQ ==== ==== RSTORE FAQ ====
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