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 This page is best read from the bottom up. This page is best read from the bottom up.
 +I'm reluctantly giving up on beegfs, especially v6.1, it simply works flaky. In the admon gui I can see 2 storage nodes, 4 storage objects, 4 meta servers with clients installed on all meta. /mnt/beegfs is there and content can be created. Then I mirror storage nodes, all is fine. Then I mirror meta servers and the mirrors set up, enabling mirrormd states success. Then the whole environment hangs on /​mnt/​beegfs. ​ My sense is helperd is not communication well in a private network environment with no DNS and does not consult /etc/hosts. But I have nothing to back that up with, so I can fix it.
 +Back to adding more XFS into my cluster, I'll wait a few more versions.
 + --- //​[[|Henk]] 2016/12/06 15:10//
 ==== beeGFS cluster idea ==== ==== beeGFS cluster idea ====
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   * Costs (includes 3 year NBD warranty)   * Costs (includes 3 year NBD warranty)
     * Microway $12,500     * Microway $12,500
-    * CDW +    * CDW $14,700
 ==== beegfs-admin-gui ==== ==== beegfs-admin-gui ====
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