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 +==== Proposal Brief ====
 +Wesleyan University's ITS department maintains a High Performance Compute Cluster (HPCC) to support research activities campus wide. The HPCC contains Ethernet as well Infiniband network segments connecting roughly 110 compute nodes. On the CPU side 1,450 physical cores are available providing access to about 8,532 GB of memory. On the GPU side 68 gpus provide access to roughly 528 GB of memory. Theoretical teraflops compute capacity is estimated at about 58 cpu side plus 25 gpu side (double precision floating point) and 702 gpu side (mixed mode).
 +A number of the nodes have been fitted with very large amounts of memory (256 GB per node), making them well suited to memory intensive applications such as matrix diagonalization, which is common in quantum chemistry calculations. The facility is open for use by all Wesleyan science faculty and their research students.  The computer cluster was obtained through a grant from the NSF (CNS-0619508 and CNS-0959856).
 \\ \\
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