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 ==== SQL on GPU ==== ==== SQL on GPU ====
 +MapD built the first ever open source SQL engine to harness GPU computing for analytics. Designed for maximum performance,​ the MapD SQL engine dynamically compiles SQL to run across multiple GPUs and CPUs. Massively parallel database servers.
 +  * http://​
 ** Browser ** ** Browser **
-Log into one of the tails like petal, swallowtail or cottontail2 preferably, and with x11-forwarding enabled+Log into one of the tails like petaltail, swallowtail or cottontail2 preferably, and with x11-forwarding enabled ​go to port 9092 of node ''​n37''​ and create a dashboard. Use the "​data"​ subnet (10.10) eth1. 
 +  * http://​n37-eth1:​9092 
 +  - Click New Dashboard. 
 +  - Click Add Chart. 
 +  - Click SCATTER. 
 +  - Click Add Data Source. 
 +  - Choose the flights_2008_7M table as the data source. 
 +  - Click X Axis +Add Measure. 
 +  - Choose depdelay. (departure delay) 
 +  - Click Y Axis +Add Measure. 
 +  - Choose arrdelay. (arrival delay)
-  * million records, amazingly fastI mean  like < 50 ms (milliseconds)There are pie, bar, stacked bar, bubble etc charts and point maps or chloropleth maps. A SQL editor. ​ And I do not even observe a blip on gpu utilization. Each of these K20 nodes still has 7 drive bays available which would allow for a large database storage platform if we had a mapd project.
 +{{ :​cluster:​dep-arr-scatterplot.png?​nolink&​400 |}}
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   * https://​​docs/​latest/​3_mapdql.html   * https://​​docs/​latest/​3_mapdql.html
-  * can be scripted ​too+  * can be scripted ​using mapdql
 <​code>​ <​code>​
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 flights_2008_7M flights_2008_7M
-mapdql> SELECT origin_city AS "​Origin",​ dest_city AS "​Destination",​ AVG(airtime) AS "​Average Airtime"​ FROM flights_2008_7M WHERE distance < 175 GROUP BY origin_city,​ dest_city;+mapdql> SELECT origin_city AS "​Origin",​ dest_city AS "​Destination", ​ 
 +AVG(airtime) AS "​Average Airtime"​ FROM flights_2008_7M ​ 
 +WHERE distance < 175 GROUP BY origin_city,​ dest_city;
 ... ...
 Portland|North Bend|46.12162162162162 Portland|North Bend|46.12162162162162
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 </​code>​ </​code>​
 +  * https://​​docs/​latest/​4_centos7-yum-gpu-ce-recipe.html
 \\ \\
 **[[cluster:​0|Back]]** **[[cluster:​0|Back]]**
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