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 Remarkably complex compilations. Remarkably complex compilations.
 +Notes (from developers):​
 +With the 1.10 release, you won't need the "brute fix for boost to find libs anymore. This page instructions to be for 1.9 by either doing a "git checkout 1.9.0" after "cd openstructure-1.9"​ or by fetching a tagged tar ball directly (in gitlab, the URL for that would be \\ https://​​schwede/​openstructure/​repository/​1.9.0/​archive.tar.gz \\
 +where "​1.9.0"​ can be replaced with any git-tag).
 ====== cmake.log ====== ====== cmake.log ======
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 </​code>​ </​code>​
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