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Cluster: sharptail

Doing some test runs for rough comparisons.


Running one small example using g03

  • swallowtail/petaltail (N=2, imw) 65 mins
  • sharptail (N=2, bss12) 121 mins

Amber sander.MPI

Running two small benchmarks (jac and factor_ix)

  • swallowtail/petaltail (N=2, imw) – 2:50 and 4:47 (mins:secs)
  • sharptail (N=2, bss12) – 3:52 and 7:08 (mins:secs)

Amber pmemd

Running one program (sdixit example)

  • swallowtail/petaltail (N=8, imw) –
  • sharptail (N=8!, bss12, so across nodes) –
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