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We are collecting scenarios to illustrate how users currently use the file server Dragon, the web server, fileshare, and Blackboard. One focus of this exercise is how these systems are used to share files, to share editing responsibilities, to collaborate with colleagues outside Wesleyan. The exercise will provide us with a richer understanding of how people use the systems, with the intent of improving them and the types of services they provide.

Here is an example scenario:

I set up a dropbox on Dragon for one of my courses for the students to submit homework assignments. 
They can drag a file into the folder, but cannot read any files there except their own. They cannot
delete their own files from this space, but can overwrite existing files. My TAs and I 
have full access to this space, however. We can read, change, or delete any files in it.

Please be conscientious when editing this page–do not delete or edit others' submissions.

Thanks, Jolee West

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  • I have colleagues on other campuses with whom I collaborate on research and papers. I currently use a Blackboard to share files with them.
  • I am also engaged in collaborative research with colleagues in other institutions in the US and abroad. In addition we have Research assistants in athe US and abroad. We need to be able to
    • share data files (some >2GB) .
    • the analysis programs we are using can access data over the net (typically http get)
    • our collaboaration will be greatly facilitated if we can modify files”in place”
  • In searches for faculty positions we need to provide access
    • to candidate materials to members of the department
    • to members of other departments (case of joint appoints), advisory board, Deans
    • to the search committee members only
    • to AAs who keep track of the process
  • I work with my thesis advisees using the file server to share and modify documents, and for some theses we need to use the computational server to analyze data.
  • Each student has its own folder to which I have full access and while typically students do not have access to each other’s folder occasionally the need arises for a student to have read access to another student’s thesis material.
  • For the cases where we need to use the computational servers 1) both the student and I need to have access to files (data and programs) that we can edit in place, and 2) we need to avoid unnecessary replication/duplication of data files stored on different servers
  • My work with students in my lab is organized around the use of a shared space on the file server with custom privs for different folders (while I have full access to all of them).
    • folders with read only access where I stored original data files and reading or presentation materials (codebooks etc)
    • folders where post-docs and I have full access and the rest of the students in the may or may not have full access (see also c)
    • workspace for students where a student has full access to his/her folder other students have read access
  • I use shared space on the file server to make data available for students in my class;

students have read/copy/execute access

  • I coordinate the work of a group (e.g Global Change) and we need to be able
    • work collaboratively on different documents
    • upload and share files (reading material typically PDF format)
    • make some of the material available to the wider community (Wesleyan, non-Wesleyan)
  • I am the editor for an undergraduate student journal. We need to be able to
    • receive submissions of articles for review and publication
    • collaborate in the development of a Journal issue (work in pace for members of the editorial board
    • publish an on-line version of our Journal
  • My group works with sensitive information. Members of the group should have different levels of access to the information and the contents of some directories needs to by encrypted
  • We are currently place on Dragon
    • data files that desktop applications access
    • applications whith a shortcut only on the desktop
  • I work in ITS collaborating with faculty members to develop various kinds of web spaces: professional pages, conference sites, etc. I work on condor and now also at times on a php server. Frequently I want to control access and privileges (including browsing privileges) to particular directories or files that are under development. Typically I'd like materials to be available only to faculty and myself. FrontPage allows the kind of permissions control that I and the faculty need, but Mac users have no such easy solution, as far as I know. I've been told that the usual practice is to get someone with a PC to alter the permissions for the Mac user.
  • I work on a number of different computers, not all of them on the network and not all of them my own. I don't always have access to the functionality I would need to create a VPN and/or to mount dragon as a drive. I would like a purely web-based option for navigating to and managing my files.
  • I work on a number of different computers (both servers & desktops) running a variety of operating systems, both on and off campus, and use dragon/condor/etc as a dropping point for files. I can't guarantee access to a web browser where I'm working. I also edit web content on www and condor - both static html pages and more dynamic ones.

*I transfer user data from their old PC's to their Dragon home directory before setting up their new PC. Once the new PC is running, and they are logged in, I transfer their data to their new documents folder.

  • I maintain the library's Cataloging Manual at G:\CAT_MANUAL\CAT_MANUAL.htm. The Marking Manual is also there G:\MARKING_MANUAL\MARKING_MANUAL.htm and other things to be shared. Library staff like the G drive as there's nothing special to learn–everyone already knows about files and folders. Few of us have gotten into alternatives like Blackboard. Taking just that little bit of extra time to learn something new is hard, unless there are overwhelming advantages. I haven't used the H drive except to explicitly back up files.
  • The library uses dragon (g drive) for sharing files within individual departments and/or between departments. Committees and working groups also have folders and files set up on the g drive. Access is denied to some folders.
  • University Relations and Financial Services are interested in Document Imaging Systems. Do content management systems have an interface to doucument imaging systems? Or are we talking about totally different systems. — Steven Machuga 2007/03/02 11:24
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