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Alumni Group


SSN’s are used in University Relations to find lost alumni through a secure on-line Research source (Alumni Finder).

SSN is currently stored in Millennium. Data Services is in the process of cleaning up the information to make sure that Millennium and PeopleSoft are in sync. When this is done, we will be using the PeopleSoft Data in the WesMill routine that does the SSN search. Then we will remove the data from Millennium.


The following people have access to the WesMill application:

  • Jane Jylkka
  • Sharon Cwirka
  • Deb Treister
  • Ariel Marzouca-Jaunai
  • Sue Julian
  • Kathy Vecchitto
  • Marian Blake
  • Angela Morgan

Credit Cards

While a small portion of our alumni make gifts to the University through an secure on-line giving site (InfiNet), the majority of gifts are received in the form of checks, securities transfers and credit cards. Credit card numbers are entered into a secure on-line giving site (InfiNet) for processing. Credit card #’s are “blacked out” on any paperwork received and all paperwork pertaining to gifts is stored in a locked file cabinet.

Additionally, receive credit card payments both on-line and via the mail for University events which are handled in the same manner as described above.

We do not store credit cards in the Millennium system.

Interfaces with outside organizations We send or have sent files to the following organizations:

  1. PCI
  2. Target Analysis Group
  3. Harris
  4. Thomson Financial
  5. PG Calc

None of these files contain sensitive data

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