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FIRST: The current worksheet SET UP needs some improvements/changes

1. Every year we need to add new class years. Can that be done by someone besides the programmers?
2. Track A / Track B – we need to be able to allow departments to edit those names.
3. Track A / Track B – if a student chooses the wrong track, we need a way for that student to delete what he chose and start again.

SECOND: We need a new Major Requirements Worksheet "Home Page"

It would be visible to the student and the Advisor/Chair/AA.
See\ The student chooses a major worksheet to look at (if the student has more than one major). Major Worksheet pages would always have their own page (right now the finished worksheets “share” a screen). The student chooses to look at the current saved worksheet. The student chooses to open the “Data Entry Worksheet.” The student can see here the “status” of the Senior Concentration form.

THIRD: The current data entry worksheet needs some improvements/changes

1. Drop-down version of form needs to be put in place. Via a Registrar EP, you can see the test “drop-down” worksheet in place for users Jess Bailey (jbailey) and Joshua Abramson (jabramson). Click on “New Major Requirements” in the Tools & Links section
2. Some changes have been suggested to the order of the information currently on the form:
Please see:
–This page will need a new name like Data Entry Form: Major Requirements (any other ideas?)

I dislike Data Entry Form. Is “Major Requirements” not specific enough?

–We move the Comments field to the end of the row so that comments can related to the current course or the planned course.

Student's won't know what “CID” means. I think the column heading can be changed to “Course”

–The drop-down will replace the current drag-and-drop method for entering courses into the worksheet.
–The semester, grade and credit will all be available for the course that the student chooses from the dropdown.
–We can talk about deleting the split screen Academic History portion of this page once we go to a drop-down. However, the Academic History contains the current courses and courses like Incompletes or Required Sequence courses which still lack a grade or credit. We also need to keep the semester and grade information available (although perhaps that could be programmed to appear once a course is selected). To be discussed further…

This would remain as the worksheet that the student submits to the advisor as the first step in the Senior Concentration form. I think in the meeting we discussed having the Data Entry sheet be that sheet, but I think it's important that when a student officially submits his/her schedule, it should not be on a page that is considered “final” and not contain entry fields – it's a contract. It should be final. If he/she needs or wants to make changes, he/she goes back to the data entry sheet and saves and RESUBMITS a final worksheet which would need REAPPROVAL just like the current system.

FOURTH: The tranformation of the worksheet INTO the Senior Concentration form

1. The online Major Requirements worksheet functions as described above: students fill it in. Advisors approve line-by-line if they wish.

2a. At the very start of the semester, additional information appears on the MRWs for seniors (here is a mock-up - new stuff in red):
Who triggers this each year? Programmed – see above.
Note: the additional information stays on the MRW for seniors from now until graduation.
This triggers an action: a column of status alerts for advisors and chairs will appear on the faculty advisor’s Major Advisees page (like the Gened Status column) showing the following statuses: Not Submitted, Pending Advisor Approval, Advisor Approved, See Advisor, Enrollment Hold, Ready for Spring Review, Submitted to Dean. The only time it can go backwards is from “See Advisor.”
Please see:
2b. Last week in August, Dean’s office sends out an email to students saying “please go and fill out your MRW and click submit. You have until END OF DROP-ADD to submit, after which Deans will place an enrollment hold on you for spring sr year.
Date they must submit: END OF DROP ADD.
Who is responsible for this? Dean’s office will send out manually.
2c. Dean’s office sends out an email to faculty and chairs saying “You’ll soon be seeing requests to approve the SCF. Please approve the SCF by END OF DROP ADD or the Deans will place an enrollment hold on the student’s record for spring sr. year.”
Date they must submit: END OF DROP ADD.
Who is responsible for this? Dean’s office will send out manually.

3a. Student submits the MRW as an SCF.
This triggers action 1: a link appears in the Student's EPortfolio called “Sr. Concentration Form” – it looks like this. The advisor can see the “approve” button but the student can't.
This triggers action 2: SCF Status column now shows: “awaiting approval.”
This triggers action 3: Chair/Advisor receives a daily update email saying to go and look at these students’ EPs. (wording to come). NOTE: Some Depts will have the CHAIR do this, some will have the advisor do this. Anna can control this if we add an extra column to the Chair/AA management page.
3b. Advisor clicks “Approve” or “Come See Me”.
This triggers action 1. Student receives an automated email from advisor/chair – wording to come – which would either let them know their SCF is approved or that they need to come in.
The pages appear like this for both student and advisor (and of course, Chair, registrar, etc.). This is, for a time, a static page:
This triggers an action: The “awaiting approval” status changes to “Advisor approved” or “See advisor”

4. FROM THE START, Pat will need the ability to run a report of students and perhaps the status of their form, particularly to keep tabs on those who have not had their advisors submit a form. Pat can then get a list to place a Spring Enrollment Hold.
Date this hold is placed: January.
This triggers an action: The SCF Status changes to “Dean’s Hold”

5. Senior Concentration Form page sprouts some additions: A column on the right with the Academic History (like the original MRW page) and some forms for advisor/chair to fill out at the bottom. See:
NOTE: We need to see if this form can raise some kind of flag so that if previously signed-off courses are dropped (“W”) there can be an alert that the student’s records need to be checked out to make sure he/she can still graduate.
This triggers Action 1: An email goes out to chairs saying please go in and fill out the information the deans need to tell if students will graduate.}
This triggers Action 2: SCF Status column for all Advisor Approved changes to “Awaiting Chair action”
Date this page changes: PAT WILL NEED CONTROL to turn it on (4th week in Feb.)
Who triggers this each year? Pat will open this.
We need copy for this email. Dean’s office will provide.
What is the deadline for the deans? End of March
After this deadline, what happens to this page? Leave it open
Date this page changes and the email goes out: According to Pat.
What does this mean about people who STILL have not gotten in their initial form?

6. Chairs fill out these forms and click the submit button.
This triggers action 1: The information flows into a chart for Pat
This triggers action 2: An email goes to students alerting them to what their chair has submitted… “for more information, go to your EP. We need copy for this email.
This triggers action 3. The “Awaiting Chair Action” status changes to “SCF Submitted”

7. Pat Noyes would like the information to come in as a chart or spreadsheet. The other day, Heather and I were going over the various screens involved in the Senior Concentration Form process. One was a page that would show Pat Noyes the information she needs to do the senior review. Heather pointed out that it would be a great screen for the departments to see as well, to check on the status of all majors at a glance, AND in fact it could serve very nicely as a gateway for Chairs/AAs to get into the forms. Especially around approval time, the Chair is not going to want to enter the EP of EVERY student major in order to approve/disapprove.
Please go to this page which includes an explanation and a few rows of the proposed chart as an example. We would need to confirm with Pat that it still includes what is needed in order to complete senior review but I think that the page would really increase the convenience and usability for all concerned.


– 25 students a year are on a skewed schedule - they are 1 semester earlier with everything.
– Is there a way to highlight the new information when a form is resubmitted?

– Chair and AA would need to be able to print off, with one command, all of the forms in a department, using any combination of the following:

  1. - By Major
  2. - By Class Year
  3. - By Advisor (Last Name/First Name)
  4. - By Student (Last Name/First Name)
  5. - By WesID

– The Advisor would need to be able to print of his/her own advisees' forms using the same criteria (“By Advisor” would of course be only the specific advisor making the request).
–The forms would need to be date/time stamped.


To Come

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