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Steven Machuga 2007/01/31 13:00

List of Questions for Vendors, Institutions and Friends

  1. Hardware
  2. Operating Systems
  3. Oracle Version (10g v. 9)
  4. Timelines
  5. Personal Data Table v. New Biographical Table adaption
  6. Patch Level Prior to Upgrade
    1. How did you reach an Patch Level suitable to start upgrade?
  7. Overall impression of Difficulty

Next Steps for Planning

  1. Continue talks with Williams and Brandeis (Steve M. et al)
  2. Continue talks w. Logicgate (Ed et al)
  3. Build case for Linux, 10g architecture (Tom, Steve W. & M. et al)
    1. Sent request to listserve asking general configuration questions. (Tom)
    2. Find Oracle Recommendations/or primary path for hardware. (Tom)
    3. Continue to research 10g configurations/training (Steve W. and Tom)

Current Configuration Choice for PS 8.9

This is our current desired configuration subject to challenge:

  1. Multiple Linux Blades
  2. Dedicated SAN storage
  3. Oracle 10g

We would like to agree on a configuration by late August.

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