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  • Codes of conduct are clearly defined in the statement on academic freedom and responsibilities of the University and in the Honor Code, the Code of Non-Academic Conduct and the Joint Statement on Rights and Freedoms of Students. These statements are widely distributed to all members of the community and are specifically published to the faculty, students and staff through handbooks particular to their needs.
  • Comprehensive summaries of judicial cases associated with violations both of the Honor Code and the Code on Non-Academic conduct are widely distributed through the Web. All new students are introduced to the Honor Code through a required session in orientation, followed by a signed affirmation to accept the responsibility to adhere to the code and to take “constructive action” when there is awareness of violations of the code. In addition, students may be asked to sign a pledge of “no aid, no violations” on specific formal academic exercises.
  • Trustees complete a conflict of interest certificate and a certificate of anti-trust compliance annually.
  • The University articulates and adheres to nondiscriminatory policies and practices and goes beyond nondiscrimination in an effort to create an environment that is welcoming of difference.
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