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3.2 Notification

3.2.1 Internal Notification

All emergencies, identified or perceived, will be reported to the University Public Safety dispatcher by calling 911 from any campus phone or residence with a 685 prefix. In addition, emergencies can be directly reported by using a police/fire emergency alarm box or a blue-light phone. Upon notification, the dispatcher will determine what resources are necessary to initiate an emergency response, notify the appropriate emergency responders and maintain communications and documentation necessary to support the emergency response actions for the institution. Emergency Responders Contact Numbers

Emergency Response Coordinator

David Meyer, Director of Public Safety

Campus address: 208 High St.
		Middletown, CT  06459
Campus phone:  860-685-2809
Home address:   7 Monnes Rd 
                      Cromwell Ct
Home phone:  860-632-9886	
Beeper:  860-802-2963
      Cell Phone 860-982-4407
Alternate Emergency Response Coordinators

Tony Bostick, Public Safety Captain

Campus address:  208 High St.
		Middletown, CT  06459
Campus phone:  860-685-2782
      Home Address
Home phone:  860- 
Beeper:   860-279-0147
Cell phone:  860-982-4416

Michael Kishimoto, Public Safety Captain Campus address: 208 High St.

		Middletown, CT  06459
Campus phone:  860-685-2805
Home address: 236 Wall Street
		Hebron, CT  06428
Home phone:  860-742-6194
Beeper:  860-939-6705
Cell phone:  860-301-7724

Don Albert, Facilities Manger/Hall-Atwater & Shanklin Campus address: Hall-Atwater Lab 07

Campus phone:  860-685-2729
Home address:  Morris Hubbard Road
Higganum, CT 06441	
Home phone:  860-345-4367
Cell Phone 860-982-1098

William Nelligan, Associate Director Environmental Health & SafetyWilliam Nelligan 2006/10/18 15:52

Campus address:  Cady Building Room 107
Campus phone: 860-685-2771
Home address: 502 Beaumont Highway
		Lebanon, CT 06249
Home phone: 860-423-4646
Cell: 860-982-1096

Jeff Gilarde, Director of Scientific Imaging Campus address: Science Center, Rm 95

Campus phone: 860-685-3473	
Home address: P.O. Box 321
		Cobalt, CT 06414
Home phone: 860-267-7601
Beeper: 860-279-7208 Phone Tree Responsibilities

The Public Safety dispatcher is responsible for notifying appropriate emergency responders and requesting assistance from external agencies. Following initial notifications to the primary responder,this needs to be spelled out for each incident, spill contractors should not be called in unless authorized by EHS… — William Nelligan 2006/10/18 15:56 the dispatcher will notify Alternate Emergency Response Coordinators, the Director of Facilities Operation, the Communication Director, the spill response contractor or other individuals as appropriate. If the dispatcher is unavailable to perform these duties because of emergency communication coordination, a Public Safety Officer will assume the phone tree notification responsibilities. The Emergency Response Coordinator is responsible for notifying the President, the Vice Presidents, Deans, and Directors as appropriate to the emergency. Internal Communications Guidance for Residential Staff

  1. Inform residents of emergency. This means the University will begin to mobilize in the event that the situation should worsen.
  2. Advise of campus evacuation.
  3. Once decision is made to evacuate campus and classes are canceled, students are to remain in their rooms until the residence unit is evacuated.
  4. All resident students will fill out the travel location sheets, which will be posted on doors and in elevators-especially if they are not going to their own homes.
  5. Emergency shelter will be open to students who do not have a place to go.

3.2.2 Community Notification

When an emergency impacts beyond the boundaries of the Wesleyan University campus, the Public Safety Director is responsible for notifying the Middletown community of the incident and the actions to be taken. Notifications will be made to the Middletown Police Department and police department procedures will be followed. Public safety officers will assist the Middletown Police Department with community notifications and evacuations as appropriate.

3.2.3 State and Federal Agency Notification

The Emergency Response Coordinator is responsible for notifying state and federal agencies when the emergency requires specific notification. Guidelines for notifications are found in Section 3.7.1 (the Hazardous Waste Contingency Plan)(the Container Storage Area Contingency Plan) — William Nelligan 2006/10/18 15:58 and Section 3.7.2 (the Oil Spill Control and Countermeasures Plan (Spill Prevention and Countermeasures Plan SPCC) — William Nelligan 2006/10/18 15:58 All notifications will be documented in writing and retained for a minimum of three yearsin the Dept. of Environmental Health & Safety. — William Nelligan 2006/10/18 15:58. Follow-up letters will be completed as required in these two plans.

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