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3.3.2 Assignments for Wesleyan Employees

Individual assignments under this Emergency Response Plan are detailed below: University President or Designee

The president/designee is responsible for overall direction of the University Emergency Response. Duties will include:

  1. Following notification of University Public Safety, the University President or designee will work with University Public Safety and others in assessing the emergency and preparing the University’s specific response.
  2. Declare a University state of emergency and Response Level (if appropriate).
  3. Notify ERRT staff to meet in ECC at designated time.
  4. Conduct a briefing of staff.
  5. Notify and conduct liaison activities with University Administration, Governmental Agencies, the ERRT, and others as necessary.
  6. Approve emergency expenditures as needed.
  7. End University Emergency Response and close down the ECC. Emergency Response Coordinator

The Emergency Response Coordinator will:

  1. Assist in overall coordination of the University Emergency Response.
  2. Determine type and magnitude of emergency and help establish the appropriate ECC.
  3. Initiate immediate contact with the President and University Administration, begin assessment of the University’s condition.
  4. Notifies and utilizes Public Safety and outside agencies in order to maintain safety and order.
  5. Notify members of the ERRT and advise them of nature of emergency.
  6. Notify and conduct liaison activities with appropriate outside organizations such as fire, police, Office of Emergency Services, etc.
  7. Insure that appropriate notification is made to off-campus staff when necessary.
  8. Perform other duties as may be directed by virtue of the campus emergency.
  9. Assist University President with emergency preparations.
  10. Attend City/County briefing on emergency if necessary.
  11. Attend ECC briefing.
  12. Inspect campus for hazards after the emergency has ended.
  13. Take part in emergency response pre-planning.
  14. In conjunction with Director of Facilities Operations prepare and submit a report to the President appraising the final outcome of the emergency.
  15. Prepare annual training session for emergency preparedness. Damage Control: Director of Facilities Operations

The Director of Facilities operations will perform the following functions:

  1. Provide equipment and personnel to perform shutdown procedures, hazardous area control, barricades, damage assessment, debris clearance, emergency repairs, equipment protection.
  2. Provide vehicles, equipment, and operations for movement of personnel and supplies, assigns vehicles as required to the ERRT for emergency use.
  3. Obtain the assistance of utility companies as required for emergency operations.
  4. Furnish emergency power and lighting as required.
  5. Survey habitable space and relocates essential services and functions.
  6. Provide facilities with emergency generator fuel during actual emergency or disaster periods.
  7. Provide for storage of vital records at alternative site; coordinates with building area coordinators for liaison and support.
  8. Ensure damaged areas are tested for health hazards before re-entry. Public Safety and Communications: Public Safety Captain/Designee

The Public Safety Captain will perform the following functions:

  1. Maintain the Public Safety control office in a state of constant readiness.
  2. Notify University administrators of major emergencies.
  3. Monitor campus emergency warning systems.
  4. Take immediate and appropriate action to protect life, property and to safeguard records as necessary.
  5. Obtain assistance from City, County, State and Federal Government for radiological monitoring and first aid as required.
  6. Provide traffic control, access control, perimeter and internal security patrols and fire prevention services as needed.
  7. Provide and equips an alternative site for the Emergency Coordination Center.
  8. Maintain liaison with ITS for telecommunications support as necessary. Director, or Designee, of University Communications

The Communications Director assigned to disaster duty is responsible for the following:

  1. Establish liaison with the news media for dissemination of information as requested by the President.
  2. Establish liaison with local radio and TV services for public announcements.
  3. Keep copy of statements released to media, time issued and individual to which it was given.
  4. Arrange for photographic and video tape services.
  5. Bring up-to-date list of media contacts and phone numbers (see attached) to EOC.
  6. Act as Official University spokesperson for release of information, responding to media request for information and issuing releases as necessary.
  7. Act in concert with the County emergency headquarters in matters regarding release of NC A&T information. (All news releases must be approved by the President and University Legal Affairs Officer.)
  8. Work with telecommunication representative to develop and install messages for automated information system. Messages will change as situation develops.
  9. Advise President or designee of all news concerning the extent of the disaster affecting the campus. Athletic Director

The Athletic Director prepares Freeman Athletic Center for use as an emergency shelter. Dean of the College

The Dean of the College will provide the following functions:

  1. Act as Liaison between undergraduate students and their families.
  2. Make arrangements for support of the Dean of Student Services, Office of Behavioral Health, and Health Center personnel. Dean of Student Services

The Dean of Student Services will provide the following functions:

  1. Determine the number of students who will require emergency shelter.
  2. Assist campus dining with feeding procedures.
  3. Maintain a list of students who require emergency shelter and are moved to other locations and off campus.
  4. Arrange for assistance from residence staff for preparing buildings for a disaster.
  5. Advise University Communications Office of the condition of residence halls.
  6. Advise Office of Behavioral Health of any counseling needs.
  7. Act as liaison with the Red Cross.
  8. Act as a liaison to parents. Vice President for Academic Affairs

The Vice President for Academic Affairs will provide the following functions:

  1. Establish a liaison with Divisional Deans as to the cancellation of and resuming classes.
  2. Determine with consultation with the Divisional Deans and the Registrar the need to reschedule classes in different buildings.
  3. Advise the President on the educational mission and scheduling of classes.
  4. Serve as a liaison with the faculty. Health Services

While all departments must remain vigilant at all times and plan ahead for possible emergencies, health services will play a tremendous role in preparing and training students. The following emergency preparedness activities are essential to continued health of students during emergencies:

  1. Be certain that all staff are trained
  2. Maintaining current dated emergency medical supplies
  3. Promoting emergency prevention

During an emergency situation Health Services will provide the following services:

  1. Direct the medical response for the injured.
  2. Assist in determining the need for psychological assistance.
  3. Act as a liaison with outside medical personnel.
  4. Maintain medical records for those seeking and receiving medical assistance.
  5. Coordinate Health Center staff. Vice President of Finance and Administration

The Vice President of Finance and Administration will:

  1. Advise the President or his Designee on the physical condition of the building(s) and grounds on the campus and advise the President continuously on the situation.
  2. Appoint a representative from the Controllers office to initiate a record keeping system for all expenditures. This representative will:
  3. a. Coordinate procedures for emergency spending,
  4. b. Collect damage (cost) estimates of damage to buildings and grounds and obtain photos and videos. Facilities Manager and/or Safety Officer / Chemistry Department

This individual will:

  1. Direct efforts to control hazardous materials.
  2. Determine status of radioactive materials.

====== Office of Behavioral Health for Students

Joyce Walter 2006/09/15 14:47 ===

The Director of Behavioral Health or designee will coordinate the providing of psychological assistance to any community member. — Joyce Walter 2006/09/15 14:47 Director of Human Resources

The Director of Human Resources will: 2. Determine the status of campus work force. 3. Assist in determining the late/early opening of the University and notifies media. 4. Coordinate in scheduling times to relieve crews on duty. 5. Document all inquiries and their status. 6. Acts in liaison with University insurance company. Director of Campus Dining

The director of campus dining will:

  1. Direct emergency feeding of community members on campus.
  2. Request necessary food supplies.
  3. Maintain an adequate on-campus food supply to provide for a minimum of one week of services. Directors of GLSP and Graduate Student Services

The Directors of GLSP and Graduate Student Services will:

  1. Serve as liaison between the administration and their students.
  2. Notify Office of Public Safety upon their canceling of classes.
  3. Serve as liaison with the Dean of Continuing Education (Director of GSS). Director of Information Technology Services

The Director of Information Technology Services (ITS) will:

  1. Advise the President or designee on the condition of the Computer Center.
  2. Coordinate the staff of ITS as to any preparations which can be made to protect computer systems.
  3. Advise the Communication Office as to the computer capabilities as a means to communicate to the community.
  4. Share computer capability information with the Communications Office as part of Emergency Preparedness Program.
  5. Assist in making of telephone broadcasts to Wesleyan community.
  6. Coordinate staffing of the University operators.
  7. Assist in assessment of damage to the phone system and coordinates repair.
  8. Act as a liaison with outside telephone companies (SNET, Nortell and University operators). Director of Residence Life

The Director of Residence life is responsible for:

  1. Obtaining space and housing relocation services for displaced students.
  2. Training professional and student residence life staff in their responsibilities in the event of an emergency.
  3. Ensuring open communications are maintained for students.

In the event of a declared emergency situation, the director of Residential Life will:

  1. Call an emergency staff meeting for all Housing and Residence Life staff and:
    1. Provide details to staff on nature of emergency.
    2. Review outline for meeting with residents.
    3. Provide instructions for residence life staff for housing procedures during emergencies.
    4. After an evacuation, check to ensure buildings are fully evacuated and lock down the buildings.
    5. Assign maintenance tasks as needed in conjunction with Physical Plant.
  2. Conduct Shelter-in-Place activities for students or relocate students to designated shelters if an evacuation is necessary.

In the event of a declared emergency situation requiring Emergency Shelter Operations, the director of Residential Life will:

  1. Report to Emergency Shelter Manager in the specified emergency shelter. The Freeman Athletic Center is the primary shelter for residential students, the Alumni is the secondary shelter area.
  2. Monitor students' behavior in shelters.
  3. Bring radios and portable phones for use in meeting communication needs of the shelter.

During the Recovery Period, the director of Residential Life will be responsible for notifying head residents and resident advisors that normal activities can be resumed once university is reopened.

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