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3.4 Incident documentation

Incidents that are determined to be a Level III or Level IV shall be documented and information shall be retained for a minimum of five (5) years. Documentation shall include:

  1. An incident log indicating times of responses, actions taken and individuals involved from the initial call to the conclusion of the event.
  2. Copies of all communications made via telephone, email or in the form of press releases.
  3. Copies of all reports made to regulatory agencies.
  4. Copies of police reports, fire department logs, and/or contractor spill response documentation.
  5. Any applicable Material Safety Data Sheets, Chemical information, or other related information.
  6. Copies of all analytical reports, waste determinations or other relevant technical data.
  7. Copies of invoices and costs associated with food management and sheltering operations.
  8. Logs or sign-in sheets associated with sheltering operations.
  9. Descriptions of corrective actions taken, noting any exposures to individuals or the environment.
  10. Copies of individual reports or statements from emergency responders, victims or witnesses.
  11. Copies of all newspaper articles associated with the emergency.
  12. Accident investigation documentation. Include any hazard assessments, risk assessments or root cause analyses that have been conducted to determine the primary and contributory causes of the emergency event.
  13. A post-emergency critique of the incident with recommendations for plan modifications or preventive measures.
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