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Final Configuration & Quote (yea!)

At Last ... in time for Christmas Lights?

  • via Platform/Rocks technical support: PBS/LSF currently can manage jobs at the core unit for dual core processors. It is expected that in Q1 of 2007, PBS/LSF will support scheduling jobs at the core unit for quad core processors.

Quote36 node HPCC by Dell
Nodes a total of 36 nodes, 72 cpus, 288 cores
32 Xeon, 2*(Quad Core 5355 2.66 Ghz), 4 Gb@667Mhzdual 80 Gb 7.2K RPM Sata/SASlight, 256 cores
04 Xeon, 2*(Quad Core 5355, 2.66 Ghz), 16 Gb@667Mhzsingle 80 Gb 7.2K RPM Sata/SASheavy, 32 cores
02 Xeon, 2*(Quad Core 5355 2.66 Ghz), 2 Gb@667Mhzdual 80 Gb 7.2K RPM Sata/SAShead&io on UPS
OSredhat Head: AS 4, IO: As 4, Light: WS43 EMT64, Heavy: WS43 EMT64
Storage2 MD1000 with split backplanes, 7*36 Gb 15K RPM Raid 0 disks for each heavy nodehigh performance
Storagenone (10 TB will be purchased & serviced via SAN)mass
InfiniBand16 nodes + head node24 port switch
SoftwarePlatform/OCS by Platform Computingintegrated
Support3 yrs: cluster care for OCS; work nodes 8x5xNBD; switches, head&io nodes are 24x7x4.


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