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Platform Rocks & Dell
Platform Rocks: A Cluster Software Package for Dell HPC PlatformsAdministrators can employ cluster solution packages such as Platform Rocks to help deploy, maintain, and manage high-performance computing (HPC) clusters
Workload Management and Job Scheduling on Platform Rocks ClustersPlatform Lava, a free and fully functional entry-level workload manager for Platform Rocks, is becoming popular in the high-performance computing community
Configuring the BMC and BIOS on Dell Platforms in HPC Cluster EnvironmentsTo help reduce cluster deployment time, administrators can use Dell™ OpenManage™ Server Administrator in conjunction with Platform Rocks to configure each node
:cluster:pr_troubleshooting.docTroubleshooting Platform Open Cluster Stack (OCS) and Platform Lava
Useful Looking Programs
Transferring large files with bbftp
high speed parallel file transfers with HPSS
Other Clusters
Dual-Core "Lonestar" cluster at Univ TexasA big Dell based cluster with good documentation
The Linux Clusters at UVACluster documentation for a parallel cluster and a general purpose cluster


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