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HPC Users Meeting

  • Brief history
    • 2006 swallowtail (Dell PE1955, Infiniband, imw, emw)
    • 2010 greentail (HP gen6 blade servers, hp12)
    • 2013 sharptail (Microway storage, K20s, Infiniband, mw256/mwgpu)
    • 2014 mw256fd (Dell 2006 replacement with Supermicro nodes)
    • 2015 tinymem (Supermicro bare metal, expansion for serial jobs)
    • 2017 mw128 (first new faculty startup funds)
    • 2018 6/25 Today's meeting
  • Since 2006
    • Grown from 256 to roughly 1,200 physical CPU cores
    • Processed 3,165,752 jobs (by 18jun2018)
    • Compute capacity over 60 teraflops (DPFP; 38 cpu side, 25 gpu side)
    • Total memory footprint is near 7.5 TB
    • About 500 accounts have been created (incl 22 collaborator and 100 class accounts)
  • Funding / charge scheme: is it working for you?
    • Last 2 years, $15K target realized each year.
  • Status of our cluster development fund
    • $140K come July 1st, 2018
    • Time for some new hardware? Retirement of hp12 nodes?
  • 2017 Benchmarks of some new hardware
    • Donation led to purchase of a commercial grade GPU server containing four GTX1080ti GPUs
    • Amber 16. Nucleosome bench runs 4.5x faster than on a K20
    • Gromacs 5.1.4. Colin's multidir bench runs about 2x faster than on a K20
    • Lammps 11Aug17. Colloid example runs about 11x faster than on a K20
    • FSL 5.0.10. BFT bedpostx tests run 16x faster on CPU, a whopping 118x faster on GPU vs CPU.
    • Price of 128gb node in 2017 was $8,250…price of 256gb node in 2018 is $10,500
  • 2016 IBM bought Platform Inc (developers of LSF, Openlava is LSF4.2 open source branch)
    • IBM promptly accused Openlava of copyright infringement in v3/v4 (US DMCA law, no proof needed).
    • Fall back option to v2.2 (definitely free of infringement, minor disruption)
    • Move forward option, adopt SLURM (LBL developers, major disruption)
  • If we adopt SLURM should we transition to OpenHPC Warewulf/SLURM recipe?
  • New HPC Advisory Group Member
  • Tidbits
    • Bought deep U42 rack with AC cooling onboard and two PDUs
    • Pushed Angstrom rack (bss24) out of our area, ready to recycle that (Done. 06/20/2018)
    • Currently we have two U42 racks empty with power
    • Cooling needs to be provided with any new major purchases (provost, ITS, HPC?)
    • 60 TB raw storage purchased for sharptail (/home2 for users with specific needs)
    • Everything is out of warranty but
      • cottontail (03/2019),
      • ringtail & n78 (10/2020)
      • mw128_nodes & shartptaildr (06/2020)
    • All Infiniband ports are in use


  • First make a page comparing CPU vs GPU usage which may influence future purchase CPU vs GPU
  • $100k quote, 3to5 vendors, data points mid-2018
  • One node (or all) should have configured on it: amber, gromacs, laamps, namd, latest version
  • Nvidia latest version, optimal configs cpu:gpu ratios
    • Amber 1:1 (may be 1:2 in future releases) - amber certified GPU!
    • Gromacs 10:1 (could ramp up to claiming all resources per node)
    • Namd 13:1 (could ramp up to claiming all resources per node)
    • Lammps 2-4:1
  • 128g with enough CPU slots to take over hp12: double ten core minimum
  • Anticipated target (also to manage heat exchange)
    • 2×10 Xeon CPU (~100gb left) with 2xgtx1080ti GPU (25gb memory required)
    • as many as fit budget but but no more than 15 rack wise


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