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Our scratch server has been our Zenoss server since the beginning. Ran RHEL 5.5 and is now decommissioned. A new server has been deployed to only do the Zenoss service. It will run CentOS 6.10 (Final) and Zenoss 4.2.5, specifically the Community Edition last v4 version because I like to keep it simple. All we want is basic monitoring, alerts when nodes go down, and historical data.

# never understood why
rpm -e --nodeps mysql mysql-server mysql-libs mysql-devel postfix

# autodeploy
mkdir zenoss-deploy
cd zenoss-deploy/
wget -O auto.tar.gz
tar zxvf auto.tar.gz
cd zenoss-core-autodeploy-aeb5289/

# boink

At this point the script fails to find the core rpm file for my distro. Luckily, there are some folks maintaining the script for 4.2.5 and pointing to the new location. Shout out to Jane, much appreciated!

Download the zip file from Zenoss_4.2.5_core-autodeploy

# Stage the maintained autodeploy script

cp /root/ .
cp Zenoss_4.2.5_core-autodeploy-master/core-autodeploy.sh_update_20190110_zenup .

Then test out the installation.

/opt/zenoss/bin/zenoss xstatus
Status        | PID     | Daemon
Running        33447      zeneventserver
Running        34329      zopectl
Running        34334      zenrrdcached
Running        34387      zenhub
Running        34438      zenjobs
Running        34499      zeneventd
Running        34559      zenping
Running        34687      zensyslog
Running        34668      zenstatus
Running        34705      zenactiond
Running        34811      zentrap
Running        34786      zenmodeler
Running        34821      zenperfsnmp
Running        34850      zencommand
Running        34878      zenprocess
Running        34882      zredis
Running        34917      zenjmx
Running        35008      zenpython

rabbitmqctl -p /zenoss list_queues
Listing queues ...
celery  0
hpcmon.celeryd.pidbox   0
zenoss.queues.zep.signal        0
zenoss.queues.zep.modelchange   0
zenoss.queues.zep.migrated.summary      0
zenoss.queues.zep.rawevents     0
zenoss.queues.zep.heartbeats    0
zenoss.queues.zep.zenevents     0
zenoss.queues.zep.migrated.archive      0

# Finish installation
firefox http://localhost:8080

You may want to copy the script and edit it to only keep the Mysql admin password code block to secure your MySQL installation.

yum install postfix then configure email delivery, define relay_host in

Last but not least define a Trigger (production, critical) and associate with a Notification (email, clear) …
read Notify_Me_of_Important_Events Link … do check “send only on initial occurrence”

From you can log in as guest/WelcomeGuest


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