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XFS quotas

In XFS you first enable quotas on the mountpoint
(you add the options to /etc/fstab and remount)

# user and group quotas example:
/dev/mapper/VolGroup00-lvhome /home  xfs defaults,usrquota,grpquota 0 1

# user and project quotas example:
/dev/sdb1  /mindstore   xfs   defaults,uquota,pquota    1 2

After that you apply quotas per user, group or project.

To apply quotas to a directory (other than $HOME) create a project.

For projects you edit (for example for this lab):

# /etc/projects add a line (the "id" needs to unique)

# /etc/projid add a line 

# next initialize the project (it can already exist on disk)
xfs_quota -x -c 'project -s mindstore_mindlab'

And apply 20T quota for example

xfs_quota -x -c 'limit -p bsoft=21000000m    bhard=21470000m    \
isoft=20000000 ihard=21000000 mindstore_mindlab' /mindstore

Never shrink a file system (or partition). You can use xfs_growfs to enlarge a mounted XFS file system if needed. Or with lvm2 allocate all available space lvextend -l +100%FREE lvm_volume_pat. Quotas you can “reduce”, but be careful, not a best practice.

To keep the XFS file system healthy unmount it and remount it so the journal does its thing. Use xfs_repair for forced consistency checks (-n for no modify mode)

Automate quota checks and notification, here is a simple script


/usr/sbin/repquota -s /home > /root/homedirs/repquota.log

d=`date +%d`
awk '{print $3","$1}' /root/homedirs/repquota.log | grep G | sed 's/G/ G/g' | sort -rn > /root/homedirs/$d.txt

foo=`grep '+' /root/homedirs/repquota.log | wc -l`;

if [ $foo -gt 0  ]; then

        foofoo=`head -5 /root/homedirs/repquota.log`
        grep '+' /root/homedirs/repquota.log | mail -s "CLUSTER QUOTA REPORT" hmeij



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