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OpenHPC Software

This list of software is compiled for Rocky 8 using the OpenHPC v2.4 gnu9-openmpi4 toolchain (in your default environm,ent). For gpu applications CUDA 11.6 is the default. That module cuda/11.6 will automatically load for those applications.

The control of the environment is done via environment modules.
Read this page

The scheduler is Slurm and there is some basic information here


  • module: PyCUDA/2020.1-fosscuda-2020b
  • PyCUDA lets you access Nvidia’s CUDA parallel computation API from Python
    • Python/3.8.6
    • GCCcore-10.2.0
    • CUDAcore 11.1
    • example: /zfshomes/hmeij/pycuda/run


  • module: miniconda3/py39
  • Miniconda framework with python 3.9
    • module show miniconda3/py39 will show you file to source if functions are needed
    • conda list will show you what is installed
  • iqtree rocky8 queues (cottontail2)
  • alsao installed in miniconda2&3 for centos queues (cottontail,
  • see Software page)
module load miniconda3/py39
which conda

[hmeij@cottontail2 slurm]$ conda list | grep iqtree
iqtree                    2.0.3                h176a8bc_1    bioconda

iqtree --version
IQ-TREE multicore version 2.0.3 for Linux 64-bit built Dec 20 2020


  • module: amber/20
  • Amber20 with AmberTools21


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