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Cluster Arrival Day ... 02/01/2007

5th floor. freight elevator out. project $ave or something. where am i?5 floors of stairs, that was hard. where are these characters?
it's empty?oh,oh. it is! somebody stole our cluster?
1,500 lbs, 288 cores. this is going to hurt?yea, not empty! but it sure looks like an IBM
rack1 front, primarily compute nodesrack2 front, compute nodes, md1000 storage arrays, head and io node
rack 1 back, hardware is cold and cooling the data centerrack 1 side, beautiful, every piece labeled
rack 1: “the force”, ethernet and infiniband cabling and connectors911? yes, i said he fell into a bag…no he's still alive, talking to grandma.
unloading rack from pelletJT, demonstrating his hand micro tag scanning device
the end
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