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Platfrom/LSF RTM Demo (Real Time monitoring)

This is a slick application that monitors multiple or individual clusters. Build on top of Cacti. The demo below is somewhat heavy but if you're interested have a looksie. It “might” run on top of Platform/Lava, our current scheduler. Some features it includes are:

  • historic (back one year) or real time monitor data
  • user/group role access to information
  • can monitor multiple clusters in different geographies
  • graphic/iconic dashboard of all hosts in your cluster
  • resource history consumption of individual jobs while they run
  • view your entire cluster as a single host
  • slot utilization and normalization
  • query queues, hosts, etc
  • zoom in/out on graphs
  • pull up information on jobs, processes, resources running when host died
  • view license usage and history

etc …


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