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Cluster Steering Committee 12/18/2007

Present: Jolee West, Henk Meij, Ganesan Ravishanker, Albert Fry, Francis Starr, David Beveridge.


  • continue to look for the person to fill the Coordinator, Scientific Computing and Informatics Center position …
  • request for user level quotas …

⇒ the resolution on this item was the suggestion that Henk will hold a “best practice” workshop in January 2008; basically we need to get more out of the scheduler in terms of efficiency before quotas are implemented.

  • current problems

⇒ nfs-2-2 is back online after a failed disk in the MD1000 disk array, nfs-2-4 is licensed and back into the mix; these were the problems backing up the 'ehwfd' queue.

  • CluMon needs fixing

⇒ when it is not working, the graphical display for the hosts section is empty. will attempt a reinstall, custom compile from platform, or move to the alpha version of v2.

when it works!

  • a discussion followed on our efforts into the cyber infrastructure proposals.


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