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Some run times here testing the new hosts. Ofcourse there is still contention inside the switches with swallowtail.

C-00 is on Infiniband, C-01 is on Gig Ethernet switch. Please note that if N⇐8 all MPI message passing remains local to the host and does not travel through the switches. So these are not benchmarks.

Amber What Host N JAC Factor_IX
9+openmpi-1.2+intel-9 Sander.MPI C-00 02 2m42s 4m54s
9+openmpi-1.2+intel-9 Sander.MPI C-00 04 1m27s 2m33s
9+openmpi-1.2+intel-9 Sander.MPI C-00 08 1m00s 1m57s
9+openmpi-1.2+intel-9 Sander.MPI C-01 02 2m45s 5m11s
9+openmpi-1.2+intel-9 Sander.MPI C-01 04 1m32s 2m54s
9+openmpi-1.2+intel-9 Sander.MPI C-01 08 0m59s 1m58s
9+openmpi-1.2+intel-9 Sander.MPI both 16 1m016s 2m31s
Amber What Host N 1g6r
9+openmpi-1.2+intel-9 pmemd C-00 02 2m55s
9+openmpi-1.2+intel-9 pmemd C-00 04 1m32s
9+openmpi-1.2+intel-9 pmemd C-00 08 1m03s
9+openmpi-1.2+intel-9 pmemd C-01 02 3m04s
9+openmpi-1.2+intel-9 pmemd C-01 04 1m42s
9+openmpi-1.2+intel-9 pmemd C-01 08 1m20s
9+openmpi-1.2+intel-9 pmemd both 16 1m06s
Amber What Host N JAC Factor_IX
10+openmpi-1.2+intel-10 Sander.MPI C-00 02 2m49s 5m07s
10+openmpi-1.2+intel-10 Sander.MPI C-00 04 1m29s 2m37s
10+openmpi-1.2+intel-10 Sander.MPI C-00 08 1m00s 1m58s
10+openmpi-1.2+intel-10 Sander.MPI C-01 02 2m49s 5m18s
10+openmpi-1.2+intel-10 Sander.MPI C-01 04 1m35s 2m57s
10+openmpi-1.2+intel-10 Sander.MPI C-01 08 1m02s 2m03s
10+openmpi-1.2+intel-10 Sander.MPI both 16 1m17s 2m32s
Amber What Host N 1g6r
10+openmpi-1.2+intel-10 pmemd C-00 02 2m53s
10+openmpi-1.2+intel-10 pmemd C-00 04 1m29s
10+openmpi-1.2+intel-10 pmemd C-00 08 1m00s
10+openmpi-1.2+intel-10 pmemd C-01 02 2m58s
10+openmpi-1.2+intel-10 pmemd C-01 04 1m37s
10+openmpi-1.2+intel-10 pmemd C-01 08 1m12s
10+openmpi-1.2+intel-10 pmemd both 16 1m03s
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