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Integer & Floating Benchmarks

pulled from, the SPEC2000 Results Page …

Integer and Floating Point processing benchmarks.

  • “speed” is relatively measured with the “results” column
  • “throughput” is relatively measured with the “rate results” column

The numbers were gleaned from systems reporting 2 cpus, each dual core, thus a total of 4 cores.

ProcessorGhzCINT resultsCINT rate resultsCFP resultsCFP rate results
Intel Xeon 3.0Ghz LV, single core3.0147034165025
Intel Xeon 5110 (entry level, dual core, woodcrest)1.6171571177055
Intel Xeon 5130 (midrange, dual core, woodcrest) 213088214068
Intel Xeon 5148 (top range, dual core, woodcrest)2.3244099230073
Intel Xeon 51603.0
AMD Opteron 2212HE 143065182077
AMD Opteron 2214
AMD Opteron 2218


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