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Data Center Expansion Timeline


  • Printing Operations equipment will move to Data Center
  • Once construction is completed it will be moved to SC523
  • Jerry and Jen will move temporarily to SC519 until SC523 is renovated
  • Heavy construction will not begin until exams are over

Action Items

Temporary Relocations during Data Center Renovations

Action Items Assigned to Target Date
Identify furniture to be moved from John's office Bonnie 4/25/06
Remove furniture Bonnie 5/2/06
Determine furniture to be moved into John's office James 4/25/06
Move Printing Equipment into Data Center (electricity, floor plans, etc.) James 5/8/06
Transfer phone lines to SC519 Bonnie 5/15/06
Move staff & staff furniture into SC519 James 5/15/06
Clear out Operations area completely James 5/17/06

Relocation of Training Program

Action Items Assigned to Target Date
Determine new location for training Joanne tbd
Determine equipment needs Joanne tbd
Determine other equipment needs Joanne tbd

Remodeling SC523

Action Items Assigned to Target Date
Determine disposition of computer equipment in SC523 Joanne 5/1/06
Evaluate HVAC issues James 4/28/06
Evaluate Lighting James 4/28/06
Reassess furniture needs James 4/28/06
Assess Power and data requirements James 4/28/06
Clear out all equipment & furniture James tbd

Data Center Construction

Action Items Assigned to Target Date
Meet with Mike Conte and contractors to determine construction schedule James 4/28/06
Reassess Data Center security (prox cards, temp. doors, windows and hinges, etc.) James 5/15/06
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