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Game Development Lab

This Wiki is being created so that we have a space to document and discuss the create of the Wesleyan Game Development Lab. The subject of making video games is huge and there are many technical approaches to building games. The aim of this page is to use it to help us document these various approaches, scope out a strategy for building games and to develop the basis for a proposal for the overall project that makes sense for ITS and Wesleyan.

Below is a link to our first draft for this proposal due Oct 1st. developmentproposal


When talking about game development it seems important to think about which tools to focus on. There are many, many languages, engines and software packages which can be used for making games. Some considerations should include:

  • type of game (2d/3d)
  • size / length of the game
  • learning curve
  • cost
  • how you plan to deliver the game
  • what are your long terms strategy for making games.

Below are some lists of technologies broken down by subject. Each off their own unique path to building games. Some require steep learning curves while others offer an easier path to understanding game development fundamentals.


  1. C / C++
  2. Java

Open Source Engines

  1. Allergo

Commercial Engines

  1. Source Engine
  2. Unreal
  3. Torque
  4. XNA

Misc Packages

  1. Flash
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