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In Progress

  • ===== Upgrade Issues Test Move 1 =====
  • ps_item_line_sf (item_line_sf) must have its Indexs Rebuilt prior to doing the next test move. This should be done in production. This is done in App. Designer.
  • Fix ps_wes_book_dtl index in production to include the following columns: (date1 transaction_nbr wes_rectype wes_manumber emplid counter time_entered)
  • wes_time_stu_h rebuild indexes in production. This is done in App. Designer.
  • ps_whr_dp_tuit_pmt has problems in production. the PS DD has whr_campus_id on the record the oracle ddl has campus_id. Must run an alter audit on this table in production and clean up this record.
  • PS_WHR_REV_RATING index has a duplicate data issue. the index ON PS_WHR_REV_RATING needs to be rebuilt in production to include the following (EMPLID, FISCAL_YEAR)
  • Uday needs to help with ps_personal_data foriegn constraints. When running the Alter Audit the following messages were presented: – Alters for record PS_PERSONAL_DATA The DDL space name was changed from WESDATA to HRLARGE. When the alter script runs it tries to move the table to the correct tables space. In the process tries to drop the table and gets an error message about unique constraint violations. (SQL to determine foriegn constraints. SELECT * FROM dba_constraints WHERE constraint_type = 'R' AND r_constraint_name = 'PKEY_PS_PERSONAL_DATA') In order to get around this issue we issued the following commands: DROP TABLE ps_personal_data cascade constraints

However, we now need to discuss the need/requirements of the foriegn constraints.


  • Done Example 1
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