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1. Commitment Accounting w. Chris Andrews, Mary Kelly, Ed and/or Steve: Can you please contact Chris Andrews (x3153) to set up a time to pay him a visit. He and Mary Kelly have had intermittent, but frequent, problems getting a selected acct_cd to populate from the Chartfield Details sub-panel back to the main Commitment Accounting panel. I’d appreciate some help trying to troubleshoot this.

Uday, Ed and Steve M. went to Mary and Chris's office and could not reproduce the problem. Mary did manage to get it to happen again on Thursday. We need to talk to Barbara about load alternatives – which might eliminate the problem. We also need to see if we can find a pattern.

2. Query Adminsitrator w. Ed The Query Administrator page does not display any details about queries, or allow you to change the query owner. You can see the sql, but it does not show the last time the query was run or who the owner is. I would like to know how I can find any page where the menu it is associated with is different from the folder. This is so I can identify Wesleyan pages that have been moved from one Wes menu to another. This has caused major problems with security and I ultimately would like to know how to change the data so the grouping of pages in security matches the grouping on the actual menu in PeopleSoft. I am more than happy to make the changes if this is something I can do. I know it may result in the need to modify some permission list setup, but it is easier to do that one time that to have to repeatedly trouble shoot this issue.

Uday and Ed resolved the problem.

3. Delivered Sevis w. Rich, Ed and Steve M.

We have decided to get our customized SEVIS process running. For the number of foreign students we have it seems like the best path.

4. Duelling PeopleSoft Address Tables w. Gaylord There are a significant number of records in the ps_addresses table that do not have corresponding records in the ps_addresses_sa table.

Uday and Gaylord Resolved.

5. Prospect Creation w. Dan K. I need him for help with prospect creation from test scores.

Uday and Dan resolved.

6. Processing, Processing Problem w. Steve, Rich Review current situation.

Uday is doing additional research. Most probably we need to adjust timeouts. We have a case filed with PS.

7. Student Account Issues. See Below.

These issues are resolved waiting for final testing and adjustment.

* *

Student Account Issues August 2, 2007

1. The process of transmitting bills to Infinet was not tested during the upgrade period. The first billing out of version 8.9 will be about August 22. Close attention to this process will be needed.

Is this an Uday thing?Richard Langer 2007/08/10 12:17

2. The Font is not correct for the scan line on the PDF file used for printing and sending to Infinet. Needs to be corrected by 8/20.

Font problem is fixed.Richard Langer 2007/08/10 12:17

3. The “No Activity” billing group is not running correctly (WESSFBIL). When René tested in 8.9 prior to go-live weekend she got an error message when she tried to run bills for this group. However, in her testing on Sunday, July 15, the process worked, but the results were the same results as the regular billing. This needs to be looked at by 8/20.

Dan found that you could not select “No Activity” and has fixed thisRichard Langer 2007/08/10 12:17

4. The RCF (Residential Comprehensive Fee) split is not going through correctly on the GL Interface process (WESSFGLI). This is a problem that occurred in 8.1 before we went live in 8.9. This process has not been run in 8.9, but will be in late August after the next billing. a. The RCF split is set up on the Item Type screen (Setup SA/CR> Product Related> Student Financials> Item Types> item type 100140, 100141, 100142. On the last tab (GL Interface), the split is shown as 61.3%/38.7% going to the housing/dining accounts. b. When the GL Interface is run, 100% of the charge is going to BOTH the housing/dining accounts. This needs to be fixed to reflect the correct split.

5. Effective Dating of Item Type changes are not being correctly picked up by the GL Interface process. This is a problem going back to 8.1. In an e-mail dated 3/26/2007 René verified that a fix to this problem could be put into production. However, the problem still exists. Briefly: In cases where an Item Type description has changed (e.g. Item Type 302008), the process picks up both the description from the old row and from the new row. The amount is duplicated. Thus, the amount being transmitted to FRS is double.

6. Effective Dating of Item Type account numbers are not being correctly picked up by the GL Report process (WFGLRPT). The GL Report should reflect what occurred in the GL Interface, but in the following case does not: Item Type 100192 has several effective dated rows because the account number has changed each year for this item type. The GL Interface is correctly picking up the account number from the highest dated row (526535-8200). But the GL Report is displaying the account number from the first effective dated row (526651-8200).

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