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Academic Computing Services: Future Projects

This is a place to store ideas for future projects.

Survey Software

Survey based research is part of typical work for some courses. Occasionally it is also used for thesis related work and faculty research projects. To date we have accommodate these needs either by providing scripting services for custom surveys, or users have used external survey hosting services (commercial entities or services in other academic institutions.) Making software available that allows easy development and deployment of on-line surveys will reduce ( but not eliminate) the need for custom surveys and will allow, as appropriate, for more intensive use in course work.

Blackboard Bucket in Portfolio

One way to get info out to users regarding Bb status and help would be to create a new portfolio bucket just for Blackboard. The first two links would be the link into Blackboard, the second (if a faculty) would be the Create a Blackboard link and the rest of the bucket would be for links to help and specific Bb system announcements.

System announcements would percolate into the space on


As we do projects like the NITLE IR project, we will need to have shibboleth around to allow us to authenticate to remote systems while protecting the privacy and identities of our local users, and vice versa.

LDAP structures

As we implement xythos and other systems that want to use ldap and/or Active Directory to provide group membership and other identity services, we'll need to clean up and re-desgin ldap and AD to optimize their utility and usability.

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