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ATR on Blackboard

NSM Faculty

Ishita Mukerji used the Bb wiki environment this semester for her FYI course, MB&B 109 - 01 Light, Energy and Life. She had her students create web sites for their final projects (instead of writing papers). We've talked about how to export the entire thing to a location outside the Bb, such as her wescourses space, so that the pages can be world readable.

Mike Calter and Mike McAlear both recorded their lectures and made them available to their students via Blackboard.

Tony Infante again used the EDU quizzing environment in Intro Biology (with about 180 students).

Jane Alden put a tremendous amount of music in her Medieval and Renaissance Music blackboard. It would be interesting to know why she has put much more music in blackboard than ERes, which, together with Naxos, is linked within the blackboard. What does she think are the relative merits of do-it-yourself (blackboard), a subscription service (naxos), and a library service (eres)?

Social Sciences Faculty

Doug Foyle is a great fan of the gradebook, but he is on sabbatical and unavailable to present.

Is there some point to mentioning blog and link rolls on Blackboards? It's an exciting idea, and there are some faculty we're recommending it to, but I'm unaware of any faculty already using it. Does anyone else know better? Maybe this topic would really belong in an ATR on Web 2.0?

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