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Changes in Requisition Workflow

Situation 20070201: HR would need to repost a position within days of placing the requisition in Position Filled.

  • Reasons:
    1. Applicant retracted employment after accepting
    2. Hiring Manager has two openings of the exact same position.

Resolution 20070201:

  • To repost, Originator (or HR will as the Originator) will Create Requisition From Previous. Budget office requested that the Position Number and the Approved Budget Amount not be copied over. HR or the Orignator will move the requisition to Awaiting HR where HR will then email the budget office directly if a new position number and approved budget amount are needed. The Budget office will then complete Position Number and Approved Budget Amount and let HR know when they are finished. HR will then move the requisition to Approved for Posting.

Other Notes 20070201

  • Received approval from JMeerts to allow for HR to repost a previously posted position within 6 months of the orignial posting without Budget Working group approval.
  • Requested PeopleAdmin to allow for Requisitions to move to the status of Approved for Posting from the status Awaiting HR.
  • Requested PeopleAdmin to allow Budget users to access Approved Budget Amount and Position number as well as FTE, Accounting, Hours Per Week and Weeks Per year while requisitions are in the status of Awaiting HR.

Situation 20070815: HR would need to post a 3 separate positions for the same job posting (i.e. Public Safety office) but only wants one pool.

Resolution 20070815:

  • HR determined that they would handle this type of situation using the following method. Put all 3 postings through the req process. All postings will be posted but two will be “removed from web”. As the candidates are chosen the remove from web jobs will be populated with the first two candidates by applying a pool to a separate posting.

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20070628 Status Codes

  • Requisition Status 32768 for awaiting Affirmative action is for Non-AcademicAffrs Positions
  • Requisition Status 33554432 (Awaitng Affirm Action) is for AcademicAfrs positions
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