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  • Wesleyan faculty are continuing to refine and implement the vision for liberal education described in Wesleyan Education for the 21st Century (1997). Our focus on developing the key capabilities of an educated person provides the basis for educationally appropriate goals and outcome measures. The faculty are continuing to develop these on a course by course basis.
  • The need to build a modern facility for the molecular and life sciences is occasioning a strategic focus on science education at Wesleyan.
  • Having defined its own unique requisites for undergraduate education, Wesleyan has an opportunity to better define its ambitions for graduate education, as well.
  • Engaged with the World (2005) updated Strategy for Wesleyan (1998), delineating institutional priorities for the next five years. Faculty, students, staff and trustees participated in the planning. This document is the basis upon which the institution identifies its priorities, plans its future and evaluates its endeavors.
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