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Current University Relations/Communications/ITS Collaboration Dokuwiki

Agenda/Notes From Lunch Meeting

Ongoing/Immediate Work

  • When is the Wesleyan Navigation Bar necessary and when is it not necessary. Jennifer Carlstrom will write a short policy document spelling out the nav bar policy.
  • UR Master Calendar - Deb Treister and Jane Jylkka are finishing the calendar testing. They will be helping designated pilot areas within UR load spreadsheets for the fall.
  • Media Database - Mark Bailey asked if 100 approved images could be loaded into the Media Database for UR use.
  • Bulk Email - We have three kinds of bulk email: University, PCI and Magnet Mail (used for UR's recent FLASH piece). Currently, Deb and Jane are rolling out PCI mail within UR.

UR tasks maintained by Jane Jylkka and Deb Treister::ur_comm_it_collaboration:tasklist.xls

Items to be Prioritized/Finalized

  • Web Page Charging: for things like flash, html email and screen animation there will be a charge of $25 for a professional $15 for a student. The principle functions of the Communications Office: editorial and design advice will not be charged.
  • A Summary of all web charges can be found at
  • WesNet Redesign: WesNet can be redesigned without changing or adding functionality. The priority needs to be established and a timeline worked out.
  • Determine how to help Parents Program and Athletics sell merchanize over the Web: Strategy and Planning meetings: 7/25 and 9/7.

Future Opportunities

  • Multi-Media Development Lab - Academic Support Services is creating a multi-media development lab to support teaching and research. Undoubtedly, there will be opportunities for collaboration.
  • Flash - Communications, the multi-media development lab and learning objects group all can provide support for some future FLASH projects. Mark Bailey has expressed an interest in trying to maintain a balance of in-house and consultant work.
  • Web 2.0 Initiatives (BLOGS, Twikis, social networking etc.)- This wiki is our first experiment in using these new collaborative tools. You can also read Ravi's Blog at:

Jen has scheduled a meeting for 8/22/2006.

  • Document Imaging: Deb Treister expressed a strong need for document imaging. It was agreed that document imaging needs exist across campus. Steve Machuga will follow up.
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