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We use Zenoss for monitor and alerting the whole HPC. Page can be found here Zenoss

At PEARC20 conference I became aware of Netdata which seems a good tool for our “tails” (login, storage servers for example). Lots of detailed information.

bash <(curl -Ss

Then open port 19999 in firewall for

Gosh, it does alerting too. The original monitor scripts, unsilenced, exist on cottontail:/usr/lib/netadata/conf.d/health.d-orig

  • hpcmon Zenoss server
  • cottontail Primary log in and scheduler server (needs reboot)
  • cottontail2 Backup scheduler, centos 6 compile env
  • greentail52 NFS server /sanscratch, centos 7 compile env (needs reboot)
  • ringtail NFS server /home33 (needs reboot)
  • sharptail
  • mstore0 NFS server /mindstore (needs reboot)
  • mindstoresrv1 Replication target for mstore0 (needs reboot)
  • petaltail Sandbox, Warewulf centos 6
  • swallowtail Sandbox
  • whitetail Openhpc Warewulf centos 7 (powered down)
  • sharptail2dr Disaster recovery host for hpcstore (active users) /homesdr


cd /usr/lib/netdata/conf.d/health.d/

for i in `ls`; do \
perl -pi -e "s/to: sysadmin/to: silent/g" $i; \
perl -pi -e "s/to: webmaster/to: silent/g" $i; \
perl -pi -e "s/to: dba/to: silent/g" $i; \
perl -pi -e "s/to: sitemgr/to: silent/g" $i; \
perl -pi -e "s/to: domainadmin/to: silent/g" $i; \
perl -pi -e "s/to: proxyadmin/to: silent/g" $i; \

grep -i to: * | grep -v silent


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