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 +====== Cluster Arrival Day ... 02/01/2007 ======
 +|5th floor. freight elevator out. project $ave or something. where am i?|5 floors of stairs, that was hard. where are these characters?​|
 +|it's empty?​|oh,​oh. it is! somebody stole our cluster?|
 +|{{:​cluster:​3anotherpallet2.jpg ​ |}}|{{:​cluster:​4ibm_looksie.jpg|}}|
 +|1,500 lbs, 288 cores. ​ this is going to hurt?|yea, not empty! but it sure looks like an IBM|
 +|rack1 front, primarily compute nodes|rack2 front, compute nodes, md1000 storage arrays, head and io node|
 +|{{:​cluster:​5rack1_back.jpg ​ |}}|{{:​cluster:​6rack1_side.jpg|}}|
 +|rack 1 back, hardware is cold and cooling the data center|rack 1 side, beautiful, every piece labeled|
 +|rack 1: "the force",​ ethernet and infiniband cabling and connectors|911?​ yes, i said he fell into a he's still alive, talking to grandma.|
 +|unloading rack from pellet|JT, demonstrating his hand micro tag scanning device|
 +|the end||
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