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Amherst Drupal Visit

Amherst will be coming for a visit to show how they are using Drupal to run their website. Here is an outline of the agenda/questions.


  1. What other packages did you consider?
  2. Why did you choose drupal over the other packages?
  3. What skill set do you need to install/manage the application?
  4. How flexible have you found the design/templating system to be?
  5. How did the ldap integration go?
  6. How have you approached the roll-out? Has training and support been an issue so far?
  7. How did the conversion go?
  8. Is Drupal going to be your only content management system, or do you intend to use it in conjunction with other tools/environments?

Things to demonstrate:

1. End-user perspective

  1. create a page
  2. edit a page
  3. control who can view a page
  4. delete a page
  5. add graphics/media to a page

2. Designer perspective

  1. create a template
  2. edit a template
  3. delete a template

3. Admin perspective

  1. grant permissions to users
  2. create roles
  3. what else?

I can also ask Peter to react to this and add/modify the list to better fit what they have done. Questions:

  1. Can you all make the 22nd of March?
  2. Who absolutely needs to be there so we can check to see if they are


  1. Who else should we invite?
  2. How much time should we plan on for this demonstration/conversation?
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