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A(T)R Topics

Tentative Fall 2006 Schedule

Tuesday 9/05 Classes start

M 9/11 Philippa Coughlan – students' mental health and their academic lives

TH 9/21 Collegiality: how is it defined and practiced? with Joe Bruno [and possibly Bill Stowe, as chair of the faculty]

M 9/25 FYI's and Key Capabilities – use the first-year seminars to get frosh used to Info Lit and effective writing [Don Moon and . . ?]

TH 10/05 Interdisciplinarity – can it go too far?

M 10/09 Teaching Large Lecture Classes (UMASS??) (See below)

[F 10/13 – T 10/17 Fall break]

TH 10/19 SPN with Scott Plous

M 10/23 cancelled

TH 11/02 Laptops a-go-go

M 11/06 CALEA and Net Neutrality : Ravi

TH 11/16 Film in the Classroom II: Moving Pictures on Mixed Media

M 11/20 Visual Resources, Educational Technologies & Teaching: a Collaborative Faculty Support Model (Hopkins)

[T 11/21 – M 11/27 Thanksgiving break]

TH 11/30 The Future of the Wesleyan Library Collection

Spring 2007

- 1/22 Blackboard redux Downey 113(Mike)
- 1/29 Phillipa Coglin Students with Learning Dis. (Andy)
- 2/8 RX for Gen X Mike Sciolla (Andy)
- 2/12 Teaching seminars - how to structure assignments, encourage participation and discussion (ASZ)
- 2/22 Key Capabilities, Public Speaking with Don Moon  
- **3/1 Jim Neal Intellectual Property** (Barbara and Victoria)
   - 3/5 David Green/ NITLE report on the use of visual images in the classroom (Mike)
- 3/29 Judgement Calls: How to determine class size etc. (ASZ)
- 4/2  The Center for the Humanities, with Jill Morawski (ASZ or VS)
- 4/12 Wesleyan U. Press, with Suzanna Tamminen, Kate Wittenberg -- director, Columbia U. Press, return visit                (Mike): confirmed   
- 4/16 clickers as a pedagogical tool : jwest to organize (Mike)cancelled
- 4/26 Quantitative Analysis Center with Manolis Kaparakis (Victoria) confirmed
- 4/30 John Seamon 'Rock and Roll Memories' 

Neal Blurb (for 3/1)

   Higher education in the U.S. is confronted by a rapidly shifting
  intellectual property framework of policy and practice.  How are
  dramatic developments at the international and national level to
  be effectively understood and applied at the campus level so as to
  enable and support the work of students and faculty?  This talk
  will highlight key legislative and legal activities, describe the diversity
  of responses by libraries, IT organizations and faculty, and encourage
  wider involvement by the academic community in the copyright

Seamon Blurb (for 4/30)

Autobiographical memory is our personal recollection of the past that is often associated with emotion. I teach two courses on memory: Psy 221: Human Memory and Psy 321: Memory in the Movies. In the second course, I use film to teach about memory, and I decided to illustrate autobiographical memory by telling a story about the early days of Rock 'n' Roll, based on my personal recollections. With ITS, I made two dvds covering the years 1955 - 1964 and 1964 - 1972. Both dvds are roughly an hour in length, and both are filled with pictures, videos, and lots of great music, along with my memories and narration to tie all the material together. I'll show portions of both dvds to illustrate how this works.

Fall 2007

- 9/13 Rosh Hashanah, no ATR

- 9/17 Michael Roth, Daniels Family Common Room, Usdan Center (Sean)

- 9/27 Gender and the Academic Career: Family Policy (Katherine Kuenzli, Liza McAlister, Petra Bonfert Taylor, Ed Taylor)

- 10/1 Conversation with Head Res. (Sean)

- 10/11 Betsy Traube, Stephanie Weiner, and Sonia Sultan (?), Writing for Academic Publication (Sean)

- 10/22 Melissa Datre and others, Academic Media Services (Ravi)

- 11/1 Gen Ed expectations: Division II (Jim McGuire, Gil Skillman, Demetrius Eudell?)

- 11/5 Wes Image Justin Harmon, David Pesci, and Bill Holder (Sean)

- 11/15 Bret Ingerman, Second Life (Ravi)

- 11/26 Co-Curricular learning Or Critical pedagogies and students of color with Danny Teraguchi (Sean or Victoria)

- 12/6 Admissions and its relations to Wesleyan's educational mission with Nancy Meislahn (Sean)

Spring 2008 (tentative)

-January 31 Teaching the Seminar Course (Steve Angle, Sally Bachner, David Beveridge (?)) (Sean) CONFIRMED

-February 4 Gen Ed Expectations Division III (with Bill Herbst, Mike Calder, and . . . ) (Sean) CONFIRMED

-February 14 How do our students use technology? (with student presenters) (Jolee) CONFIRMED

-February 18 Senior Honors Theses Advising (with David Schorr, Lisa Dierker and . . . ) (Sean) CONFIRMED

-February 28 Teaching Public Speaking (with Rebekah Maggor, Director, Program in Speaking and Learning, Derek Bok Center ) (Victoria) CONFIRMED

-March 3 Blogs and Wikis with Kevin Wiliarty (Jolee/Victoria) CONFIRMED

-March 27 Teaching and testing: What modes of evaluation work best? (Steve Stemler CONFIRMED AND Scott Plous?) (Sean) CONFIRMED

-March 31 Abby Smith, Director of Programs, Council on Library and Information Resources (CLIR): The National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program (Barbara)

-April 10 The FYI: what should it do? How well is it doing it? (Duffy White CONFIRMED and Melanye Price? ) (Sean)

-April 14 Scholarly Communication at Wesleyan (Barbara, Dan, Ravi, Jolee) (Barbara) CONFIRMED

-April 24 Accelerated Motion (with Dan Schnaidt and . . . ) (Jolee) CONFIRMED

-April 28 Study abroad and independent research (Van Rutherford, Carolyn Sorkin) (Sean)

Fall 2008 (tentative)

-September 11 Wesfiles (Jolee)

-September 15 Tenure Review on the Table. We'll hear from “the ad hoc committee to review the tenure process” and talk about the joys and the stresses of preparing for tenure. (Sean)Confirmed

-September 25 Academic Media Studio with Jolee West and Melissa Datre (Jolee)

-September 29 Teaching Process with Gina Ulysse and Elija Huge (Sean)

-October 13 Sonia Manjon, Wesleyan’s new Vice-President for Diversity and Strategic Partnerships

-October 23 Authors' Rights and WesScholar with Helen Aiello and Dan Schnaidt -(Victoria) (Dan and Val confirmed so far)

-November 6 Finance with John Meerts (Sean)Confirmed

-November 10 International Students (student led) with Alice Hadler (Sean)

-November 20 Recording in the Classroom with ? [David is on sabbatical) (Jolee)

-December 1 The Challenge to Academic Freedom with Michael Bérubé, professor of American literature and Cultural Studies at Penn State University. (Sean) Confirmed

Spring 2009 (tentative)

-January 27 College-in-Prison Initiative at Wesleyan (Russell House) (CONFIRMED)

-February 2 Teaching with video/youtube (Peter Rutland, Eric Charry, Bob Steele, Manju Hingorani, students?) (JW)

-February 12 Visiting Faculty at Wesleyan (LeTourneau, Lewis, Pritchard) (CONFIRMED)

-February 16 Kevin Smith, Duke IP attorney/Center for Social Media ?? (BJ, SM) or Publising in Journals, how to/author's rights (SM)

-February 26 Evaluating Teaching–open discussion led by SM (CONFIRMED)

-March 2 Virginia Maurer (confirmed)

-March 23 Carrie Howe, UVM, reflexive writing (with Service Learning)

-March 30 James Zimmerman, Associate Director, Research Academy on University Learning, Associate Professor of Chemistry, Montclair State University (Erika Taylor, Chem)(Sean/Victoria)(confirmed)

-April 9 Writing letters of recommendation (E. Springer, A. Greene, Peggy Carey-Best, K. Winston) (CONFIRMED)

-April 13 Instruction with tablets (Fund for Innovation) (Phil Resor) (JW) (CONFIRMED)

-April 23 Publising in Journals, how to/author's rights (Bonin, Kleinberg, Mukerji, Tololyan) (CONFIRMED) (SM)

-April 27 Robert Nelson, Yale, on digital images and teaching art history without a slide projector (Jolee)(confirmed)

Fall 2009 (tentative)

-September 15 Wesleyan's Mission Statement with Charles Salas (Sean)

-September 21 Books? Periodicals? Subscriptions? Changes in the Library (Pat)

-September 29 Plagiarism (Sean)

-October 5 Teaching Writing Across the Curriculum (Sean)

-October 13 Print On Demand (Jolee)

-October 19 Emergency Preparedness with Mike Whaley, Cliff Ashton and Davis Smith (Jolee)

-November 2 Sonia Manjon (Sean, Victoria)

-November 10 Public Life with Don Moon, etc. (Sean) Alt. Gen Ed, Div. 1

-November 16 Life after Tenure with Katja, Alex and Annie (Sean)

-November 30 Digital Scholarly Communications (Jolee)

-December 8 Center for Social Media (Sean, Victoria)

Spring 2010 (tentative)

-February 1 Print-on-demand with Patrick Dowdy and Suzanna Tamimen (Jolee)

-February 9 Students and reading assignments: do they do them? what are reasonable expectations? what techniques encourage students to complete readings? with Andy Szegedy-Maszak and Natasha Korda (Sean)

-February 15 Debra Matthews of University of Rhode Islad on program evaluation (Sean)

-February 23 lecture techniques with David Westmoreland, Claire Potter and Scott Plous (Sean)

-March 1 WESU and wes faculty with Kehaulani Kaunui, Sonia Manjon, and Ben Michael (Sean)

-March 23 Assembling a tenure dossier, with VPAA and chair of Advisory Joe Bruno and vice-chair of Advisory Gary Shaw (Sean)

-March 29 Library and IT: Should they have single director? (Pat)

-April 6 Skype and scholarship, skype and teaching (Jolee)

-April 12 Gen Eds: Division I, with Henry Abelove, Ellen Nerenberg, and Joe Siry (Sean)

-April 20 Dealing with Career Stress (Sean)

-April 26 Moodle (Jolee)

Fall 2010 (tentative)

-September 13 Designing Effective Writing Assignments, with Jyl Gentzler? (Amherst) (Sean)

-September 21 Dealing with Students in Trouble and Troubled Students, with representatives from Deans Office and OBHS (Sean)(confirmed)

-September 27 Midsemester Evaluations (Sean and Jolee)

-October 5 Science across the Curriculum, with Manju Hingorani and others (Sean)

-October 11 Promoting Events and Faculty Achievement through Print and Electronic Media, with Olivia Bartlett and Dena Matthews (confirmed)(Sean)

-October 26 (changed from Oct 25) Strategic Plan re arts/slide library digitzation project (Pat)

-November 1 Student Engagement and Learning: Ways to Find Out What Your Students are Learning, with Brian Stewart? Doug Foyle? David Westmoreland? (Jolee)

-November 9 Mapping Middletown (Jolee)

-November 15 Creativity beyond the arts, with Charles Salas (Sean) (confirmed)

-November 30 John Hinchman? (Sean–contact LiLy Milroy)

-December 6 What are sources of career stress at Wesleyan and how to deal with it, with Philippa Coughlan (Sean)

Spring 2011 (tentative)

- January 27 Center for Prison Education, with Lori Gruen, Mike McAlear, Magda Teter (?), Cathy Lechowicz, Lexi Sturdy (Sean) CONFIRMED

- January 31 Weeding the Library (Pat)

- February 10 ad hoc committee on evaluation of teaching

- February 14 Atlas program for qualitiative coding, with Jill Morawski (?), Laura Stark, and Ray Edwards (Sean) CONFIRMED (moderated by Jolee_

- Feb 24 non-traditional scholarship, with Peter G and committee (Sean) (CONFIRMED)

- Feb 28 CFA and Mellon/Duke grants, with Pam Tatge (Sean) (moderated by Pat)

- March 21 Making Excellence Inclusive, with Sonia M (Sean) CONFIRMED (moderated by Pat)

- March 31 GOVT's website for students writing papers, with Mike Nelson (Sean)

- April 4 New research on dyslexia, with Sarah Lazare (Sean)

- April 18 Ipad project (Jolee) (moderated by Jolee)

- April 28 student culture, with Mike Whaley, Louise Brown, Rick Culliton (Sean) CONFIRMED

- May 2 Evaluation of teaching, with Brian Stewart and committee (Sean)

Fall 2011 (Tentative)

- Tues Sept 13 Mahara/Student Portfolios with Emmanuel Paris-Bouvret (Jolee)

- Mon Sept 19 Jennifer D'Andrea and CAPS

- Tues Sept 27

- Mon Oct 3 Library Subject Research Guides (Pat)

- Tues Oct 11 Registrar's new senior concentration form (Anna van der Burg, Susan Krajewski) (Sean)

- Mon Oct 17 IRB matters (Haddad,Stark, Morawksi) (Sean)

- Tues Nov 1 Hisa Kuriyama and others, Harvard U, videoconference on digital technology in place of term papers (Sean)

- Monday Nov 7 Jack Douhgherty, Trinity digital history (Sean)

- Tues Nov 15 Ruth Striegel-Moore grant writing workshop (Sean)

– Mon Nov 21 4:15 workshop on course design with Barn Tewksbury, Hamilton

- Mon Nov 28 managing digital workflow with Mike Nelson and others?

- Tues Dec 6 Yale Center for Dyslexia (Sean)

Spring 2012 (tentative)

1/30 Patti Clayton (Center for Teaching and Learning?, Indiana University, Purdue University-Indianapolis), reflective writing and assessment (confirmed) (Sean)

2/7 Library weeding (Pat) (CONFIRMED)

2/13 Suzy Taraba, with Magda Teter, Seth Redfield, and ? on Special Collections (Pat) (CONFIRMED)

2/20 Hisa Kuriyama (Harvard) digital alternatives to term papers (Sean) (CONFIRMED)

2/27 Jack Dougherty (Trinity College), digital history (Sean) (CONFIRMED)

3/6 Teagle grant and expository writing (Sean)(CONFIRMED)

3/27 IRB issues, with Andrea Patalano, Lisa Sacks, Mary Alice Haddad, Laura Stark (Sean)(CONFIRMED)

4/2 Moodle 2.0 (Jolee)

4/10 Reaccreditation with Rob, Karen (?), Bill Holder, Charles Salas, Gil Skillman and Ellen Nerenberg (Sean) (CONFIRMED)

4/16 Striegel grantwriting workshop (Sean) (CONFIRMED)

4/24 WesHub: Mapping Wesleyan supply chains and local pollution, with Mary Alice Haddad, Bill Nelligan,and Olga Bookas (Jolee)(CONFIRMED)

4/30 Patricelli Center with Rob Rosenthal and Paul Gagnon (Sean) (CONFIRMED)

5/8 Wesleyan Oral History Project (Sean)

Spring 2013 (Tentative)

2/6 Wes Weeding Again (Pat)

2/12 WordPress and Teaching (Jolee)

2/20 Science across the Curriculum, with Manju Hingorani, Jan Naegele, Katja Kolcio, Kari Weil, Jill Morawski, Lisa Cohen, in Develin

2/26 Center for Study of Public Life, with Jennifer Tucker (Sean) [CONFIRMED]

3/6 Understanding and Communicating with Student Athletes, with Mike Whalen and . . . other coaches? faculty team advisers? (Sean) [CONFIRMED]

3/26 Teaching Psychologically Sensitive Topics – trauma, suicide, depression, substance abuse–with Jennifer D'Andrea and Charles Sanislow (Sean) [CONFIRMED]

4/3 Using E-books, with Helen Aiello (Pat)

4/9 Flipped Classroom, with Michael Weir, Ruth Johnson, Sean McCann–and Petra Bonfert-Taylor by Skype [CONFIRMEd]

4/17 How to Deal with a University Press, with Eric Brandt, Senior Editor, Yale University Press, in Develin [CONFIRMED]

4/23 WesScholar Redux (Pat)

5/1 What Do We Know About Wesleyan Students: Data from Office of Institutional Research, Admissions, and Student Affairs [CONFIRMED]

5/7 Peer Assessment and Peer Teaching, with Paul Erickson,Gillian Goslinga, and Kate Thorpe [CONFIRMED]

Possible A(T)R Topics

  1. a workshop on technology and blended learning (contact Ruth Johnson)
  2. Teaching with WordPress (cancelled due to weather in spring 2013)
  3. finding varied/effective/efficient assessment methods (contact Ruth Johnson)
  4. A.Notate (software for social annotation)
  5. The Library's Webscale Discovery Tool
  6. Teaching issues of Race, Sexuality, and Gender in Courses Not Primarily Concerned with those Topics (contact MJ Rubenstein)
  7. The digital divide
  8. Need Blind, Financial Aid, Admissions, etc.
  9. Helen Moore, sociology, U Neb-Lincoln, research based practices for evaluating and retaining new STEM faculty (contact Suzanne O'Connell)
  10. Midcareer issues, building a support network for, with Mary Deane Sorcinelli of UMASS
  11. Publising workshop?
  12. on-line education and Wesleyan's mission (contact Ellen Nerenberg, Charles Salas)
  13. Wesleyan oral history project
  14. Student Research Abroad (Carolyn Sorkin)
  15. the art of leading classroom discussion
  16. dealing with confrontational, obstinate students?
  17. political diversity on campus, in classroom (contact Rob R, Ann W)
  18. library initiatives, such as collaborative projects with CTW partners (Pat)
  19. how to deal with the high price of text books (talk to Carol Wood)
  20. Admissions and financial aid
  21. how to handle career stress (guest from heatlh services?)
  22. Wesleyan Study Abroad: What are the statistics, what kinds of work are they doing abroad, what kinds of programs are offered, etc.
  23. Centers
  24. capstones
  25. Assessment (Steven Brint, UCI?)
  26. student adviser groups
  27. <hi #ffa500>student led topic?</hi>
  28. On-line media series by division
  29. workshops on specific grants
  30. Teaching new media (Ron Kuivila )
  31. Exploring New Worlds in Old Texts: Using the Text Encoding Initiative in the Undergraduate Classroom
  32. Fund for Innovation reports
  33. Marc Kornbluh Mich State Matrix
  34. UMASS biology prof. on large lecture classes
  35. how is/was the videoconferencing room used by cs for collaborative teaching across three institutions?
  36. Hana Iverson from Temple (contact info at bottom of page): recommended by LiLy Milroy
  37. posters as pedagogical tool
  38. <hi #ffa500> - david phillips on New Haven GIS project</hi>
  39. Wesleyan Study Abroad: What are the statistics, what kinds of work are they doing abroad, what kinds of programs are offered, etc.

Visual Resources, Educational Technologies & Teaching: a Collaborative Faculty Support Model.

From Suzanne Javorski

The four speakers, all from Johns Hopkins University, described a campus partnership that focuses on educational technology and pedagogy. They included the Curator of the Visual Resources Collection, the Librarian for Art History, Classics and Philosophy, the Assistant Director of the Center for Educational Resources and the Senior Information Technology Specialist in the Humanities. Their presentation was geared specifically towards art history ( being an art history conference), but the model can be used across the curriculum. They described what CER is and who their staff is comprised of (instructional designers and technologists), discussed the projects that the Center for Educational Resources (CER) develop for faculty and make available to the rest of the world; described how WebCT is used at Johns Hopkins (a good follow-up to Susan Fliss's BlackBoard talk); gave an ARTstor/MDID image use overview, and more. They were all excellent speakers and clearly satisfied with how their collaboration was serving faculty.

I spoke with Mike Reese (CER) and Donald Juedes (Library) at the end of the session to ask if they made their presentations to other institutions to which they excitedly replied yes. Upon seeing Wesleyan on my name tag they said that they have a fairly recent Wes grad (Theron Feist) on staff who is doing great things for them. They would ask him to come along.

Information re the Center for Educational Resources can be found at

Exploring New Worlds in Old Texts: Using the Text Encoding Initiative in the Undergraduate Classroom

Domingo Ledezma and Scott Hamlin Wheaton College

Tuesday, March 21, 12 Noon Sheridan Center, 96 Waterman St.

How can we encourage undergraduate students to be engaged, critical readers of literary and historical texts? Primary source materials (texts, maps, images) can be challenging to navigate and interpret, but involving students in the analysis and encoding of the text helps them develop a deep understanding of content, context and relevant technology. In this talk, we will show an experiment at Wheaton College -a collaboration among faculty, students and an instructional technologist. We used the Guidelines of the Text Encoding Initiative (TEI, <> to produce an annotated digital edition of a 16th-century publication, (Libro de los infortunios y naufragios, -The Book of the Misfortunes and Shipwrecks- by Gonzalo Fernandez de Oviedo, Seville 1535). This work demonstrates a successful pedagogical model, which simultaneously furthers faculty scholarly research.

Domingo Ledezma is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Hispanic and Italian Studies at Wheaton College. His research is on New World Early Modern literatures and New World historiography. Scott Hamlin is a Faculty Technology Liaison for the Arts, Humanities, and Education departments at Wheaton College. He works with faculty, staff, and students to create and sustain effective learning experiences, support the goals of the college curriculum, and increase information fluency though the use of technology.

Director, New Media Interdisciplinary Concentration School of Communications and Theater Temple University 203 Annenberg Hall Philadelphia, PA 19122 (215) 204-3395

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