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the Wesleyan Closed - WesFest'07

<b><ul><li><font size=-1>A recreational squash tournament at Wesleyan<li>For faculty, staff, students, family and alumni<li>For fun<li>Meet other players<li>For all levels of skill</ul></b></font>that court!
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Time line

This time line is subject to change. Players that sign-up will be divided into 'draws' (brackets) of comparable skills. On tournament day all brackets will be playing. This implies that if some brackets contain large numbers of players, “qualifying” games will be held.

The “qualifying” games are played during the 'pre-amble period'. You are responsible for scheduling your own matches and reporting the results. If you wish to have a referee, feel free to organize that too. Decide on best of 3 or 5 games deciding a match before starting.

The games on tournament day will commence with best out of 3 games to decide a match but the playoffs will be best out of 5 to decide a match.

Date/PeriodWhat Happens
2/26 - 3/15Preparation of materials like finalizing this wiki
3/15Tournament announcement
3/31Sign-Up may close for specific brackets, if needed 1)
4/1'pre-amble period' schedule released for specific brackets, if needed
4/20Sign-Up closes
4/1 - 4/20 'pre-amble period' games are played
4/20Tournament schedule released
4/21Tournament Day 2)

1) If no 'pre-amble period' is required for a specific bracket, sign-up will close on Friday 4/20 at noon.
2) Expect games to start at 10:00 AM


Tournament CoordinatorEmailPhone
Henk Meijhmeij@wesleyan.edux3783

Just for clarity: Any decision made by the Tournament Coordinators is considered to be final.

Sign Up

Sign-up for the tournament by sending an email to (preferred) or call x3783 by April 18th.

Provide the following information:

  • Your Name (with wesleyan username and/or wesid if you know it)
  • Contact information, phone and email (note this will appear on the web if you are playing in the 'pre-amble period')
  • The bracket you wish to play in, if you know (be sure to read the next section).
  • The amount of any volunteer monetary contributions you wish to make (we'll collect it later, couple of bucks is sufficient). We'll have a basket for donations at the courts.


In order to maximize the fun factor, all players will be placed in brackets of comparable skills. At this time we envision these brackets, but they may change. If you want to let the squash coach decide on which bracket is appropriate for you, don't submit a bracket preference (or state undecided).

OpenAdvanced Players
Women's OpenWomen only
BDeveloping Players
CBeginning Players 1)

1) this may include persons who never played before … if you need a racket & goggles let us know when you sign up.

Any player is welcome to stop by the squash courts MWF 11:30-13:00. During this period many of us “lunch timers” play pick-up squash, all levels. You're welcome to join. If you do not know what bracket you wish to play in, somebody will be present to observe you playing squash for a few minutes and determine the appropriate bracket. Or simply don't state a bracket preference.

Rules & Regulations

All squash rules apply, familiarize yourself with them.

By signing-up you agree to:

  • abide by the squash rules and play with sportsmanship
  • play with non-marking shoes
  • wear goggles for eye protection
  • accept decisions made by Tournament Coordinators to be final

:!: We remind all players that the safety of your opponent is your primary responsibility :!:


We'll try to have some prizes for all brackets.

Please consider making some volunteer monetary contributions. These contributions will also support the availability of coffee & donuts, sport drinks, fruits etc.


You may indicate your preferred bracket to participate in. 
However, bracket & match assignments are ultimately 
decided upon by the Wesleyan Squash Coach.
=> Final assignments and game schedule will be posted 
=> sometime friday afternoon/evening (April 20th).

So far we have participating, in alphabetical order by last name … count=45

Loren Adler, Rachel Bedick, Keera Bhandari, Dan Bloom, Nathan Boon, Jonah Boyarin, Robert Broadfoot, Tom Castelli, Chris Caesar, Pennan Chinnasamy, “JD” Delgado, Will Dinovi, Surjit Dixit, Facundo Fabbri, Nate Fowles, Andrea Giuliano, Tobias Glaser, Thomas Glomann, Gwynne Hunter, Scott Horowitz, Elizabeth Larner, Duane Le, Michael Loegering, Evan Lodge, Jerry Maguda, Katherine Manchester, Kyle McKee, Henk Meij, Jeff Miller, John Mogielnicki, Janet Mosley, Amit Patel, Ana Pérez-Gironés, Vijah Pinch, Hope Reichbach, Bob Rosenbaum, Manuel Sanchez, Nate Sun, Sherry Sybertz, Ken Taillon, Bill Wasch, Steven Wengrovitz, Kurt Westby, Geoffrey Wheeler, …


I've tried to get it right … need to review but basically:

Court Assignments


the grand prizethe “Lunchtimers Holy Grail”, sort of the grand prize
A DrawAdvanced Players
FinalsRobert BroadfootbeatChris Caesar
Consolation FinalsVijah PinchbeatPaul Boisen
Women's Draw
FinalsElizabeth LarnerbeatKatherine Manchester
Consolation FinalsHope ReichbachbeatKeera Bhandari
B DrawDeveloping Players
FinalsJerry MagudabeatTom Castelli
Consolation FinalsScott HorowitzbeatHenk Meij
C DrawBeginning Players
FinalsThomas GlomannbeatTobias Glaser
Consolation FinalsBob Rosenbaumbeat“JD” Delgado
⇒ An honorable mention goes out to Bob Rosenbaum and Bill Wasch, our most seasoned players ;-)

This year, a crowd of 45 players spanning all levels of skills and age ranges joined the WesFest'07 Squash Tourney. Faculty, staff, students, family, alumni and friends. Divided into 4 “Draws” of matching skills, by our own <hi yellow>Wesleyan Squash Coach Shona Kerr</hi> (thank you!!), the games began around 10 AM. All matches were best of five games and roughly 70 matches later the finalists emerged. This year Robert Broadfoot takes with him the “Lunchtimers Holy Grail”. We expect to see it back during the WesFest'08 Squash Tourney!

<hi orange>Thanks to all for participating, you made it a grand fun event.</hi>


Let the games begin …
First round is on its way …
serve it up!
is it mine or yours?
stretching exercises
i'm gonna make me a cool black mark on this here wall…
our most seasoned players bill & bob
guest of honor at home court
having fun with a red hard squash ball
Women Draw finalists Elizabeth and Katherine
A Draw finalists Fidel (?) and Robert (holding the grail)
the grand prize: a classic pre-Merlin era, wind-blown glass piece with mystical qualities


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