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Tournament Wesfest'07 ToDo


  • reserve courts for 4/21 (shona)
  • need to obtain approval? research (shona/henk)
  • setup email list and populate, pre-announce on list (jerry/henk)
  • find open-source squash scheduling software for games/results/schedule (henk) … this may not happen, we'll do it manually first time around
individuals form a ladderSquash Ladderfree, does the ladder but not the tournament, may be of interest in the future if we set up Lunch Timers Squash Ladder for example
individuals form a leagueSquash Leagues Management Systeminteresting, we could form our own league online, may be of interest to the lunch timers
tennis, racquetball and squashTennis1>2>3tournament scheduler, looks good but DOS/windows? argh.
  • get on WesFest'07 agenda by 3/23 (henk)
  • generate A4 size poster for posting (henk)
  • re-announce once the students are back … 4/7? 2 weeks out (henk)
  • request some tables to be setup (henk/shona)
  • organize sign-up entries (henk)
  • collect volunteer monetary contributions (we'll put up a basket day of …)
  • ask TomC to harvest squash balls for tournament day and secondary prizes

Day Of

  • bring table (henk)
  • scoring sheets (henk/jerry)
  • take pictures 4/21 (henk/jerry) …
  • organize sport drinks, fruits, coffee & donuts, etc (henk/jerry)
  • organize basic medical stuff and crushed ice with bags (henk/jerry)
  • alert who? public safety and have relevant emergency numbers handy (henk/jerry)
  • summer program flyer (rec squash ladder, fall open?) (henk)
  • donation basket, surplus to varsity if any (henk)
  • what else?


  • wesleyan connection (olivia) post-event publicity (henk)
  • post results on wiki (henk)
  • WesFest'08 Squash Tourney =)


  • in the email announcement state signus receive confirmation (or look at web site) … avoids the Boysen scenario
  • takes an afternoon to do the brackets well, get those from
  • don't be late on starting times, arrive early
  • bring your own table!
  • streamers were fun!
  • 45 people: 1 gallon of coffee is enough, 7 gallons of gaterade disappeared (could be 10), all the food disappeared (more, more), should have citrus fruits + bananas, 1 bag of non-Neon Deli ice is enough.
  • big bracket sheets do well
  • wesfest timing was excellent
  • donation bucket worked 100% better than expected
  • be sure you have blue-dot balls for young/old players
  • keep adjusting the schedule, it works itself toward a solution
  • state the rules ealier: best out of 5, poinst per serve to 9, balls stays in court!
  • let the group warm up but pull all players together for a welcome (forms cohesion)
  • take more diverse pictures and cut players out in a collage
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